Pylon 7on7: Fredrickson Set for Junior Day

LAS VEGAS -- Dominic Fredrickson goes in-depth on his school criteria and his relationship with Zach Yenser, as well as his spring plans.

LAS VEGAS -- When California first scouted and offered Oakley (Calif.) Freedom offensive lineman Dominic Fredrickson, the Bears did so with an eye towards landing Fredrickson's class of 2014 teammate, Joe Mixon. Now, though, Fredrickson and Cal have become thick as thieves, and there's a good chance that the Bears' first commit of the 2015 cycle could wind up being the No. 5 center in the class.

"I took an unofficial three weeks ago, during the week," Fredrickson said on Sunday at the Pylon Elite 7on7 event. "I keep in contact with coach [Zach] Yenser a lot, so that's good, to keep in contact with him. He's Coach Yenser. He's fired up. Whenever I see him, he's always got a smile on his face, ready to talk, ready to ask questions."

Fredrickson was one of the top linemen in the Lineman Challenge during the 7on7 event, and is rapidly becoming one of the top offensive line prospects in the West.

"I really like that he's able to talk to kids like that," Fredrickson said of Yenser. "You know how he is during the games, too, and he recruits how he coaches."

Fredrickson will come up to Berkeley on April 14 for Junior Day with several of his Freedom teammates, including linebacker Steven Costello and several others.

Since Fredrickson will be one of the longest-tenured offerees, he'll come into the Junior Day as a bit of an elder statesman or tour guide in his own right. He's also developed a more sophisticated heuristic for what he wants in a future school, apart from the good-football-good-academics bromide.

"I definitely like the family settings that some of the colleges provide," Fredrickson said. "How they stick together, how it seems like they're always together – that, too, and the basics like academics. You have to narrow that down, because that's what you're going to school for." Top Stories