Beyond the Commitment: Coming For Stars

With his commitment now in the bag, receiver Austin Aaron is stumping hard with his fellow local stars to join him in Berkeley. Who are the hottest targets on his list, and which top Cal prospect is he already close with? Find out inside ...

This weekend was huge for the recruiting future of the California football team. On one field, the Bears had 2015 quarterback target Brady White, his favorite wide receiver Trent Irwin, 2015 four-star receiver Christian Kirk, and many, many more.

Of all those recruits, it was Austin Aaron who finally pulled the trigger, becoming the Bears' first commit of the 2015 class.

"It's absolutely huge to be the first commitment of the 2015 class for the California Golden Bears," Aaron says. "I want to win a Pac-12 Championship and go to the Rose Bowl. I'm going to be a full-time recruiter for Cal and try to get my boys here and make that a reality. I'm just ecstatic that I get to be the first commitment, and have that opportunity for the staff."

Yes, now that Aaron is in the boat, he's grabbing every oar he can, and the tiller, if he can manage it.

"Oh, man, I want to get Brady White and Trent Irwin, and Stephen Johnson, and Matt Snyder and just a bunch of guys that I know that I've really got relationships with, and try to get them on board, and Isaiah Langley, of course," Aaron gushes. "I want to get as many good players on this Cal squad as possible."

While in the past the Bears have secured a commitment from a top-flight quarterback before working on the receivers he'd be throwing to, this year, it's going to have to work in the other direction, and that means that Aaron is about to make the hard sell to White, the four-star signal-caller out of Newhall (Calif.) Hart.

"I camped up in Washington with him," Aaron says. "I met him about three or four times now, and we really hit it off the times that we met, and we're the same kind of guy. I would definitely love to have him slinging me the rock."

What's his big pitch going to be? Easy, he says.

"Honestly, you can't get much better, in terms of academics, athletics and location."

Speaking of slinging the rock, Aaron was tempted to put on some pads and get back out on the field with the Bears on Saturday.

"Any time I go to these things, I want to get out there. I just have an urge to play ball," he says. "I saw all the receivers, and thought, ‘Man, I could do that. I could be out there right now.' Man, it's a good feeling." Top Stories