Oseland Talks Cal Visit

On Friday, Cal hosted a big offensive line target for an all-day visit to Berkeley, and he talks to BearTerritory exclusively about the trip.

Friday saw plenty of California coaches on the road recruiting, but one in particular -- Zach Yenser -- stayed home to play host to a big target – both literally and figuratively – in Springfield (Ill.) Sacred Heart Griffin offensive tackle Quinn Oseland.

The 6-foot-6, 300-pounder came out to the West Coast exclusively to see the Bears, and the visit was everything he could have hoped for.

"It was pretty awesome," Oseland said. "I was there for probably four or five hours. It was definitely worth it. I got to learn everything about the program. It's a nice program. What they're going for is great. They've got great academics, and they're trying to have a great football team to go along with that. That's awesome."

Oseland holds 17 offers, including three from Pac-12 schools, so the fact that he came out specifically to see Cal is a minor victory for the Bears, who so far have two receivers and one cornerback committed for the class of 2015.

"We took a tour of everything, first –we took a tour of the stadium and the complex and talked to coach Yenser, and he pretty much took us through the whole school," Oseland said. "Then, we went to the school of business, checked that out and then we hit lunch. Then, we got a campus tour and went through the whole campus on golf carts. We went to the main street and checked out all the restaurants, went to the bookstore. We went back and I talked with coach Yenser quite a bit more in his office. On my tour, I got to meet the strength coach and talked to him for a while, and checked out all their equipment there. At the end, I got to talk to coach [Sonny] Dykes for quite a bit, and he's a really nice coach. He's really cool."

Friday was the first time that Oseland got to meet Yenser in person, and the offensive line coach made quite an impression.

"He's a really cool coach," Oseland said. "He loves what he does, and he has a different look at things. He likes to have fun. He says they're always having fun, laughing in the film room. But, when it comes to business, they get down to it. He's a really cool coach, and I think he really cares about his players."

Oseland wasn't alone on his trip. He brought along his mother, his coach, his girlfriend and his coach's girlfriend, and after the trip, they all had a very good feeling for Berkeley.

"Definitely," Oseland said. "Meeting with the lady who does academics, I found out how important academics are to them, because she had all my transcripts and stuff ready to go."

Oseland's mother liked the fact that Cal would provide "the best of both worlds," for Oseland.

"She liked how academics were really, truly important to them," Oseland said.

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