Bears Go After Some Canadian Bacon

What makes Cal "the whole package" for Canadian offensive lineman Harper Sherman? He talks about the coaching staff and his junior day experience, as well as his fresh offer from the Bears, in this first word.

California has gone across these great United States to offer prospects, but on Saturday, the Bears reached into the untamed north to offer 6-foot-4.5, 260-pound tackle Harper Sherman out of New Westminster (BC) New Westminster Secondary, and there was plenty to be excited aboot.

"For me, I just feel extremely blessed to have this offer," Sherman said. "To be noticed by Cal, it's an honor. It's kind of surreal, this moment. You work so hard and to get this offer from such a prestigious university, it's all still unbelievable. I'm just really honored to have it."

Berkeley's reputation as a top-flight academic institution plays well across the border, but that's of course not all that Sherman knows about the Bears. He was down here in April for the program's Junior Day, and he's been speaking regularly with offensive line coach Zach Yenser, who offered Sherman on Saturday night.

"He thinks I'm a solid player, that I'm explosive and that I have athletic ability that's hard to find in big kids these days," said Sherman, who squats 425 pounds, benches 285 and power cleans 275.

Sherman's first offer came from a name that should be familiar to Cal fans – longtime former Bears OL coach Jim Michalczik, now at Arizona – and he's got recent offers from Nevada and Wyoming. Michalczik came by last week "just to chat," and Yenser will be coming by next Friday.

"I'm doing my research, and I'm starting to learn more about them, but I know they're in a building phase of their program, and they're definitely going to be a team to watch out for in the next couple years," Sherman said. "Cal definitely sits high on my list. Right now, I'm not in a total decision-making phase of my recruiting process, but from what I could gather from my research, they're pretty high on my list, right now."

Sherman to a camp at Washington last summer, and has visited the Wildcats, with plans to have a busy camp season, which will include the Huskies, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State this summer.

Sherman's experience on Junior Day did a lot to help put the Bears high on his list.

"I really liked everything about the school," Sherman said. "The coaching staff are really just friendly and outgoing and they seem like people you could get to know and people you want to play for. Their program is on the rise, and is getting well established. They have a tremendous university. They have the whole package there." Top Stories