The 700 Club: Beasley Hard at Work

2015 four-star Malik Beasley takes a break from his busy workout schedule to gab about his relationship with the Cal staff and the impact of Yanni Hufnagel's hiring.

Wednesday's are tough in high school. The weekend is close enough to taste, but still two more days away, and this late in the year, the freedom of summer beckons. Not for Malik Beasley.

The 2015 four-star is an absolute animal. Before school Wednesday morning, he took 700 shots – and made 500, by his reckoning – while working out with his father. After school, he took 200 more shots.

That work ethic just one of the reasons why the California basketball team has him near the top of their board for the 2015 class, and for Beasley, the feeling is mutual, thanks in large part to the hiring of Yanni Hufnagel, who initially recruited Beasley while he was at Vanderbilt.

"That's my man, right there," Beasley told BearTerritory shortly after finishing his workout. "He's just a great coach. He's cool. You can talk to him about anything, so that's always good."

As was the case for 2016 five-star Derryck Thornton, Jr., Hufnagel coming on board has shot the Bears way up on Beasley's list of suitors, which include Ole Miss, St. John's, Florida State, Texas Tech, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Steon Hall, George Mason, Cincinnati and Auburn.

"They've been up there for a minute, anyways," Beasley said. "But, especially having him on the staff, it shows me that they're actually trying to get a great start to their program."

Of course, Hufnagel isn't the only coach Beasley speaks with on a regular basis. He's gotten a much better feel for the entire staff, including Tracy Webster and head coach Cuonzo Martin, and said that he now has a little bit better feel for what the staff wants to do at Cal.

"I've talked to coach Martin, coach Webster, a lot of them," Beasley said. "A lot of head coaches call me, and the more they want me, the more the head coach calls, so that always means a lot. Cal's right up there." Top Stories