Miller Picks Six: Who Makes the Cut?

Adrian Miller is set to make a trip out to Berkeley this summer, but before he comes West, he told BearTerritory why Cal is in his top six along with five perennial winners.

On Wednesday morning, Dallas (Tex.) Bishop Dunne wide receiver Adrian Miller gave a call to California wide receivers coach Rob Likens, just to catch up. That conversation had an unexpected upshot: Miller told Likens that the Bears were among his top six program destinations out of 16 offers.

"I've got Michigan, Ohio State, Illinois, Cal, Arizona State and Miami – those six are my top schools right now," Miller said.

The 6-foot-3, 170-pound three-star receiver's five other top schools won an average of 8.4 games last season, while the Bears of course went 1-11. So, what earned Cal a spot on that list?

"I just feel like it's a good environment," Miller said. "I feel like there are some good things coming up for them in the next year. I think they're going to get everything together and become a winning program. I feel like I'd like to be a part of that."

Miller's earlier plans to take a visit out to Berkeley at some point in the summer have coalesced to some extent and he now knows that he will visit sometime in June, independent of the Bears' two camp dates.

"I'm looking at what they have to offer, academically," Miller said. "I want o see if it's a good environment and I want to meet the coaches in person, see their real personalities, just to see everybody and get the feel of it."

Since getting his offer back in February, Miller has built a strong relationship with Likens.

"He's a pretty cool guy," Miller said. "He's a pretty cool coach. I've been messaging him and talking to him on the phone, and I'm just waiting to get out there and check everything out in person." Top Stories