NFTC VIDEO: Wily Shows Out, Talks Cal

HAYWARD, Calif. -- Salanoa Wily may not have gotten much attention up to this point, but he's put on some very good weight in his quest to become a defensive lineman, and Cal is taking notice.

HAYWARD, Calif. -- Salanoa Wily has the big hands, powerful arms and explosive lower half of a defensive tackle, but at 225 pounds a year ago, he just wasn't big enough to play up front. He had to gain some weight.

"I did, already, believe it or not," Wily said at the NFTC event last week in Hayward, Calif. "I'm at 270. During the season, I played on the end and on the edge, but at the camp, they played me inside," Wily said.

He may be listed as an outside linebacker, but this spring and summer, he's been hearing that his future is on the line, and it showed this weekend, not only with his reps at the NFTC, but with a visit he took the day before, to the California campus.

Wily's partner in crime, Semisi Uluave, visited the Bears on Friday, but Wily waited until Saturday to check Berkeley out.

"That place was beautiful. I was amazed," Wily said.

The well-put-together Wily spoke again with recruiting coordinator Pierre Ingram, who saw him on his trip out to Kahuku, Hawaii, earlier this month.

The Bears like Wily as a defensive tackle, but the staff still has to see more of the 6-foot-1 defender before extending an offer.

"They were talking about coming out to their camps, showing them what I can do, and to just keep on working," Wily said.

Wily – already with an offer from Hawaii – will get to show the Cal coaches what he can do on two different occasions this summer, at the All-Poly camp in Utah, and another non-institutional camp in Hawaii that college coaches are allowed to work.

"I'm thinking about going to the All-Poly, and some in Utah. I'm still deciding on it, because it's expensive, coming out of Hawaii," Wily said. "There's a camp in Hawaii, and he said a lot of coaches are going to be there, so hopefully, I'm going to go to that one. I think it's a padded camp."

As for his visit to Berkeley, Wily was awed by the weight room, but when he was taken to the top of Memorial Stadium, he got a littke slittish.

"The views were scary," Wily said. "The view from the top of the field was too scary. I want to stay on solid ground." Top Stories