Terrell Talks Visit

Cal hosted one of the top players in the 2016 Nor Cal crop on Thursday in Christian Terrell, who got to meet the entire staff and gain insight into the academic side of the university.

Christian Terrell just finished his sophomore year of high school, finished his finals, and on Thursday, spent several intensive hours on the California campus, so, he could be forgiven for taking a nap.

The versatile 2016 Sacramento four-star was so tuckered out, he conked out on the way home and slept all the way back to the capital, but he was certainly wide awake for his visit with the Golden Bears.

"They seem great," Terrell said of the new coaching staff. "They're a lot more relatable characters, and they seem to know a lot about basketball. We just kind of sat down and talked about the [NBA] Finals. I didn't know that some of the coaches played at high, high levels, so that was nice to find that out about them."

One of the new coaches -- Yanni Hufnagel -- reminded Terrell of one of the former coaches for the AAU NorCal Wildcats, which recently merged with Dream Vision.

"He reminds me a lot of Philippe Doherty," Terrell said.

This was Terrell's third time on the Cal campus, and it was a bit different than the last time he came for a recruiting visit.

"We did a lot more in-detail with each building. My last visit, we kind of just drove by each building. This time, I actually went up to the top of the really tall tower with the clock, and then we saw the view, and they actually took me to the very, very top of the football stadium," Terrell said. "I got to talk more with the educational staff, this time, which is a big factor."

Terrell finished this past semester with a GPA over 3.0, and his finals were a topic as he conversed with the entire coaching staff. They also spoke about Terrell's wide range of skills.

"With my game, they like everything that I can do," Terrell said. "They like that I could impact the game, that I don't necessarily have to score – I can get rebounds and be an aggressive stretch wing."

As for an offer, the jury is still out, but a decision could be made very soon – perhaps by the end of the summer for the Dream Vision 16U wing.

"They said that, within the next two AAU tournaments, coach Cuonzo [Martin] wants to see me play for himself, and then make his decision after that," Terrell said.

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