CAMP: Bassette Moves Closer

Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds defensive back Bomani Bassette took three picks back to the house last year, and on Friday and Saturday, he worked out with Greg Burns. Check out this video, and more, from the dreadlocked DB.

BERKELEY -- Bomani Bassette is a realist. Even though he measured in at 6-foot-1 at California's full-contact camp, he still says he's only 6-foot, even, in what has to be the first time a prospect actually reported himself as shorter than listed. He came into this weekend's camp intending to only spend one day – Saturday – learning from Bears defensive backs coach Greg Burns, but wound up doubling his pleasure, spending two days in Berkeley, working his way towards a potential offer.

"He invited me, and I was working hard, running hard, hustling, and I guess he noticed it, so he wanted to see what I could do with my feet, and I demonstrated what I could do, and I guess he liked it," Bassette said on Sunday. "I think I impressed him. I work very hard. My coach is on us, very had. We have a good program at McClymonds."

Bassette already has an offer from San Jose State, and has camped there, at Fresno State, Oregon State and at Arizona State, where he won the defensive MVP and the cornerback MVP awards from the Sun Devils.

"I love coach Donté [Williams], first of all," Bassette said. "He teaches me things that I don't really learn from anybody else. Even if I don't attend there (SJSU), I'd still keep in contact with him. He's a great coach."

Bassette has been speaking with Burns since Cal's junior day several months back, but not very often.

"We didn't speak very much until I got on the field," Bassette said.

Bassette had initially only thought he would be performing on Saturday, but after his second workout on Sunday, he was beaming.

"It was a great day. I got a little extra work, came out, competed, saw some extra contact," Bassette said. "Seeing contact, how people react and how I reacted, it was fun."

How did his second day at camp come about?

"I told everybody I wasn't coming back, because I didn't even think I was coming back, but then, I got the call late at night from my coach, and he said, ‘We're coming back tomorrow, so you all be ready,' so I had to spend the night at my grandma's house in Berkeley," Bassette said. "I didn't shower or anything. I just came here, and came ready. It was worth it."

Grandma didn't wake him up with a nice pancake breakfast, either.

"She just kicked my butt out of bed: ‘Get up. It's time to go,'" Bassette laughed.

Burns, while surprised that Bassette made his way back, was more than pleased.

"He told me just keep up the good work," Bassette said. "He wants me to bring my grades higher, and I'll be ready. I have a 2.6 core. He wants me about a point higher, so I can for sure get into school. I have that in me. I'm a competitive person, even in grades."

Throughout the two days Bassette spent at camp, Burns remarked consistently about how quick his feet were.

"He hasn't seen me on a ladder yet, but he can tell by the way I move that I have good feet, so he's anxious to see how I play," said Bassette, who had seven interceptions, three picks returned for touchdowns and one forced fumbles. Top Stories