Mufi Planning First Out-of-State Visit

6-foot-6 defensive end Mufi Hunt has already made the rounds in his home state of Utah, and now he has his sights set on California.

Mufi Hunt has a big family, but, a he says, that’s the norm among Polynesians.

After scoring an offer from California on July 9, the 6-foot-6, 215-pound defensive end headed to a family reunion this weekend, an event which included a fairly big name, as far as Pac-12 football goes.

“There’s a lot of us out here. There’s a lot,” Hunt laughed. “I know Su’a Cravens – the safety for USC – he’s part of our family, so he and his family, they’re here. It’s pretty big.

“I know him pretty well. I’ve asked him questions about USC and we’ve talked a lot. Our parents are very close. I know him well.”

The Trojans haven’t offered yet, but they do want Hunt to visit.

“They want me to come visit, and hopefully on that visit, they’ll offer,” Hunt said. “They stay in contact a lot. Coach [Marques] Tuiasosopo, he’s my main recruiter. I know he wants me to come visit and, when we do, hopefully, I get that USC offer.”

Hunt’s next visit, though, will be to Berkeley.

“Getting the Cal offer was pretty big for me, because my family is all about academics, and I know Cal is very high up there on the academic list with what they do there,” Hunt said. “It was pretty big for my family and I, and, not only their academics, but their excellent football, and where they’re going to go from here on out. I’m really excited.”

Hunt’s main recruiter is recruiting coordinator and running backs coach Pierre Ingram, with his secondary recruiter being former defensive ends coach and current linebackers coach Garret Chachere.

Having already crossed the in-state schools off his visit to-do list already, he’s set his sights on schools outside of Utah, starting with the Bears.

“Gosh, I have no idea when that’s going to be, but for me, I know I want to take it some time before the start of the high school season, some time this summer, for sure,” Hunt said. “As of when, I have no idea. Summer would be realistic, but we’ll see how everything goes with how well my high school team progresses.”

“One of the big things they said they liked about me was my get-off from off of the line,” Hunt said. “They really thought that was unique, and another thing is that I’m 6-foot-6, and I can move the way I can move. That’s one thing they really liked about me, and being agile, for how big I was.”

Hunt’s always been a tall drink of water, and early on, he was pegged as an offensive lineman.

That worked out just fine for the former Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton defender, who led his team with 18 sacks last season, as he teamed with four-star prospects Jackson Barton and Osa Masina.

Brighton reached the state title game last season, but lost to Bingham. Hunt attends The Waterford School, a local private high school in Sandy, Utah, but since Waterford does not have a football team, he had been playing for Brighton, up until this spring. Next season, Hunt will play for Taylorville after recent district rezoning.

With 12 offers and counting, no favorites have yet emerged for Hunt.

“All the schools are pretty much equal. They all have something special about them, individually, and it’s really hard. Right now, I don’t really have a top. They’re all pretty much the same,” he said. “Distance is not a factor. I just feel like any school, I’ll go anywhere, as long as it’s the right fit for me.” Top Stories