Battle at the Beach: Kyle Guy

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. -- Cal feeling a midwest vibe at the Battle at the Beach, as the new staff continues to recruit one heck of a Guy.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. -- The Indiana Elite traveled halfway across the country for the second two weekends of the viewing period, spending this weekend at the Battle at the Beach at Redondo Beach (Calif.) Redondo Union and next weekend in Las Vegas, but a last-second lay-in following a three-point miss gave the Elite a win over vaunted Inland, putting a smile on the face of 2016 guard Kyle Guy, who impressed coaches and scouts with a moxie and a tough edge in his two games on Thursday.

Guy – out of Indianapolis (Ind.) Lawrence Central – has a bit of swagger to him, and went heads-up (literally) against vaunted Derrick Bruce, with the two knocking heads at mid-court late in Indiana Elite’s first game of the day.

“I had actually never heard of him before this, and he can play,” Guy said of his fellow California target. “It was surreal to be playing out there against such great competition.”

While the new Bears staff is continuing to recruit Bruce, as the old staff did, both Yanni Hufnagel – who paid close attention to Guy on Thursday, in both of his games – and head coach Cuonzo Martin are continuing to recruit Guy after their previous stops.

“He was recruiting me at Vanderbilt, and I knew Cuonzo Martin from Tennessee, also, so when they both went over [to Cal], it was with the idea that they would recruit me there, also,” Guy said. “I’ve been talking to them. I talk to Hufnagel a lot. I like him a lot, and obviously, I like coach Martin. I’ve been talking to them, and they’re recruiting me pretty hard right now.”

Last season, Guy averaged 13.6 points, 4.6 boards, 1.7 assists and 1.7 steals per game, shooting 42% from the field and 34% from three-point range. Guy demonstrated that three-point prowess on multiple occasions throughout the day.

Beyond just his shooting, Guy is able to take defenders off the dribble. He’s confident without being cocky, has a bit of shake to him and has a nastiness that bubbles just beneath the surface that’s just plain fun to watch. He also has a very good eye for passes and can be a very effective facilitator, something he’s worked on this summer.

“I’ve become a lot more confident in the rest of my game,” Guy said. “Before, I just shot a lot of threes, and now, I’m trying to expand my game to be more of a point guard.”

Ole Miss has come in with an offer, and Colorado is “pushing really hard,” for Guy, and Oregon and Oregon State starting to jump in, as well. Purdue, Indiana State, Butler and Indiana have also offered.

“I’ve been to Purdue and Butler, which is ideal because they’re in Indiana, but I’m hopefully trying to get down to Xavier and Louisville,” Guy said. My uncle lives in San Diego, so over spring break, I come out here. Last year, I visited Arizona State and San Diego State.”

The Hoosiers will likely be in it until the end for the 6-foot-2 prospect.

“They’re right up there, at the top, along with every other school. I love IU basketball,” Guy said. “I’m from Indiana, so you can’t not like it.”

As for his first West Coast offer? Guy demurred when asked, though he hopes the Bears may be coming soon.

“Hopefully by the end of July, I’ll be able to answer that better,” Guy said. “That’s why I’m out here, playing.” Top Stories