Bears Pull Trigger on Mathews

After a torrid AAU summer, four-star shooter Jonah Mathews scores three offers, including a coveted one from his brother's program.

It’s been a busy week for 2016 Santa Monica (Calif.) shooting guard Jonah Mathews. Along with spending the weekend in Las Vegas for the summer’s AAU finale, Mathews hauled in his first three scholarship offers, including one he’s been waiting on for quite some time.

“Coach Cuonzo Martin called me around three, and said, ‘We saw you play in Vegas, we like the way you play, and I’d like to offer you a scholarship here,’” Mathews said of a call he got on Monday from the new California head coach. “I was really excited.”

The offer from the Golden Bears means a lot for Mathews, the younger brother of Cal sophomore Jordan Mathews, who has been a target both of the old staff and the new staff. The new bunch has prioritized Mathews and had at least one assistant watching his games at all times over the course of the summer.

The Bears offer is the third for Mathews, who scored Arizona State and Utah earlier.

“They came very recently,” Jonah said. “I got Arizona State right before we went to Peach Jam, and Utah was today, too, as well. It was very special.”

Cal, though, means just a bit more.

“My brother plays there, I saw him play all year, and it’s a pretty good program, too,” he said. “I was very thankful, because it gives me a chance to play with my brother again, like we did in high school. That would be a good opportunity, again, to do that.”

There wasn’t really any doubt that Cal would extend an offer to the younger Mathews. A source said that the Bears have prioritized Mathews very highly in 2016, stating that the Cal staff feels that they “have to have him.”

“I talk to coach Martin and coach [Tracy] Webster twice a week, for sure,” Mathews said. “I talk to them way more than the other coaching staffs.”

The patriarch of the Mathews clan – Phil Mathews – is currently the head coach at Riverside City College, and he got to speak with Martin for quite a bit longer than just a hello and a goodbye.

“He thinks they’re really good,” Jonah said. “He talked with coach Martin – they were talking at Peach Jam a lot. They were laughing, talking, so I think they have a good relationship already.”

Cal is certainly a place that Phil Mathews will feel comfortable sending his second son.

“Oh, definitely,” Jonah said. “Jordan was very happy about it. He was very excited. He said, ‘Congrats. Come up here. If you want to come up here, there’s a spot for you next to me. I look forward to playing with you again,’ just that kind of stuff.” Top Stories