'It actually exceeded everything I thought'

Joshua Kania makes his first visit out to the Golden State, solely to see the Cal campus. Will he make a return visit?

Joshua Kania -- despite having a California offer – was so nervous when he met in person with Bears linebackers coach Garret Chachere on an unofficial visit two weeks ago, that by the end of their two-hour talk, he had folded Chachere’s business card “basically” into a little piece of origami.

“He gave us his card, and I was so nervous that I was bending the card, and after we were done talking to him, he had to give me a new card, because mine was so bent,” Kania said. “I was nervous.”

The nerves were completely unwarranted, as Chachere explained to the 2015 prospect.

“I got a very positive vibe. He said they were very impressed with me, and I exceeded their expectations,” Kania said. “We talked about a whole bunch of stuff. We talked for two hours, I think.”

Kania and his father came out to California two weeks ago – on Kania’s first visit to the Golden State -- solely to visit Berkeley, and, to say the least, he came away very impressed, giving the five-hour unofficial visit an “A+.”

“My gosh, I think everything stuck out, honestly,” said the Alpharetta (Ga.) Cambridge defensive end. “It actually exceeded everything I thought it was going to be.”

His first impression of California, though? “It’s really expensive there.”

That may owe to the fact that he ordered a 16-ounce steak at a bayside restaurant after his visit to Berkeley, but it was, by far, the least remarkable aspect of the visit.

“It was – oh, my gosh – it was ridiculous. Everything was set up perfectly, and the weight room was freaking awesome. Everything was freaking awesome,” Kania said.

After visiting Wake Forest and Miami of Ohio, the Cal fisit stood tall as the best out of the three.

“It was freaking cool, oh, my gosh,” Kania gushed. “We visited for five hours, and we went around campus, got to talk to coach Chachere. A lot of the coaches were gone on vacation, so the only coach there was the linebackers coach, Coach Chachere. He gave me the tour, showed us around campus, showed us the stadium. We went on top of the stadium and saw NFL players practicing on the field, doing drills and stuff. We saw the whole campus, all the libraries, and it’s really impressive.”

After the visit, father and son went down to Telegraph, and had a typically-Berkeley experience.

“We went down the streets of Berkeley, and that was different to say the least,” Kania said. “There were people protesting and stuff. There were people five feet away from each other, yelling at each other. It was weird.”

But, the weird didn’t outweigh what Kania saw throughout the day, and he wants to schedule yet another visit, this time during a game week. While he was tempted to commit on the spot during the visit, after receiving his scholarship offer back in June, he still wants to see what the campus is like, in full flower.

“I just want to visit again. You can’t really make a decision in five hours,” Kania said. “We’re thinking about coming back on a game week, because my team has a bye on the Sept. 6, and they’re playing Sacramento State on the Sept. 6.”

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