Fall Camp Day 2: Highlights

BERKELEY -- Trevor Davis and Jared Goff star on Day Two, as we take a look at some of the highlights from fall camp.

Player tags: Chris Adcock (58 white), Stephen Anderson (89 white), Jack Austin (21 white), Chris Borrayo (66 white), Erik Brown (11 white), Caleb Coleman (10 blue), Cedric Dozier (37 blue), Jared Goff (16 gold), A.J. Greathouse (14 blue), Chad Hansen (25 white), Chris Harper (6 white), Maurice Harris (3 white), Kenny Lawler (4 white), Stefan McClure (21 blue), Bryce McGovern (86 white), Addison Ooms (57 white), Griffin Piatt (26 blue), Darius Powe (10 white), Luke Rubenzer (8 gold), Bryce Treggs (1 white), Cameron Walker (3 blue)

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