Fall Camp Day 8: First Double Day

BERKELEY -- Cedric Dozier crows about the defense's second strong performance as Cal hits the field twice in the same day for the first time this fall camp.

BERKELEY -- Monday was California’s first double day of fall camp, and after a special teams session in the morning, the defense got back into the swing of things in the afternoon, highlighted by even more interceptions.

“I thought we came ready to play,” said defensive coordinator Art Kaufman. “We had some energy about us, and focus, ready to take care of our business.”

The defense did just that, according to cornerback Cedric Dozier, who caught up with BearTerritory right before he hit the ice baths.

“I feel amazing,” said the 5-foot-10, 175-pound redshirt sophomore, still enthusiastic after a long day of work. “I feel amazing, thanks to my strength and conditioning coach, coach Damon Harrington.”

On Sunday, the defensive backfield came away with three of the four interceptions on the day, with linebacker Jalen Jefferson also getting into the act, and that performance extended to the second practice on Monday.

“It continued because we were being technically sound and following our keys and doing what coaches ask of us,” Dozier said. “That led to the next thing, which is, when the ball’s in the air, we’re going to go attack it, because we have good coverage. Darius Allensworth had a pick – shout out to him – and I had a pick – shout out to me – and Jalen Jefferson had a pick – shout out to him.”

Dozier credits the defense’s back-to-back strong performances to continued physicality that’s starting to pay dividends over the long term.

“The thing about last week was, we were working on technical things and we were getting in position, but we weren’t making plays,” Dozier said. “Coach [Greg] Burns, he really got on us about that, because we were in position, but we just weren’t making plays. We took all of that personally. This week, we’ve been fortunate enough to make the plays on a fade or a comeback or whatever it may be. That’s what’s been happening this week.”

With the lack of injuries in the defensive backfield, the personnel groups have been able to develop chemistry, even with veteran safety Avery Sebastian still on light duty.

“Of course, we know that there aren’t any starters right now, but at the same time, a lot of us have been together, and a lot of us have a lot of chemistry, so that’s a big thing,” Dozier said. “What it’s doing is, it’s creating a big family, and we all want to play. We’re all pushing each other, which allows us to have a first unit and a second unit that are really running together.”

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