THREE AND OUT: Previewing Cal v. Northwestern

BERKELEY -- What do Northwestern's roster changes mean for Cal's defense? How big of an impact will Chris Harper have? What's the state of the run game? We talk about all that and more in this week's Three and Out.

VIDEO TAGS: Chris Harper (6 white), Tre Watson (5 white), Vic Enwere (23 white), Khalfani Muhammad (29 white), Daniel Lasco (2 white), Venric Mark, Christian Jones, Michael Barton, Hardy Nickerson, Darius Allensworth (2 blue), Griffin Piatt (26 blue), Cedric Dozier (37 blue), Michael Lowe (5 blue), Cameron Walker (3 blue), Avery Sebastian, Trevellous Cheek, Patrick Worstell (88 blue), Trevor Davis (9 white), Jared Goff Top Stories