Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd 2016 linebacker Camilo Eifler finally got to see a Cal game as a recruit, and not just a fan, and he wasn't disappointed.

California had a glut of recruits in attendance on Saturday for the Bears’ 55-14 stomping of Sacramento State, and one player in particular reveled in both the offense and the defense: 2016 Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O’Dowd linebacker Camilo Eifler.

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Eifler – who said he came to every home game last season, as a fan, but not as a recruit -- got to hang with fellow Dragons Hardy Nickerson, Jr., and injured defensive back De’Zhon Grace, after the game, but also saw some old friends rip it up on offense.

“I got to meet other players, and back when I was at Cal camp, I had a cool connection with Bryce Treggs, JuJu (Jeffrey Coprich) and Kenny Lawler. Those were kind of my camp counselors. I got to see those guys do well. Kenny Lawler had a couple of amazing catches.”

Of course, Eifler is referring to one of the best catches of the college football season, hauled in by Lawler on Saturday.

“Oh, man, that one-hander was nasty,” Eifler said

As for the defense?

“I liked how they swarmed to the ball,” Eifler said. “The safeties and the DBs had a lot of plays, and also the linebackers, forcing a lot of three-and-outs. I was watching it pretty closely, and I liked the way that coach Kaufman changes things around. I’ve been keeping in contact with him, talking about things. It was a good overall effort by the Cal defense.”

The 6-foot-2, 210-pounder also got to chat with the coaching staff after the game, following a raucous locker room celebration.

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“I got to talk for a few minutes with coach Kaufman and coach [Sonny] Dykes, and they invited me to their open practice [next] Sunday,” Eifler said. “I’ll see if I can get over there. They wanted to know what I thought, and I said, ‘It’s great!’ Cal’s 2-0, on a roll. They’ve got Arizona next, so we’ll see how they do against their first Pac-12 team.”

The Bears will visit Eifler at school on Monday, in the person of recruiting coordinator Pierre Ingram, who will also pay a visit, Eifler said, to Dragons running back Bryce Grandison.

Cal – who, along with Colorado, have offered Eifler – aren’t the only team seriously poking around.

Wisconsin and Washington have sent me a whole bunch of mail,” Eifler said. “They’ve been keeping in touch with me a lot, and I’m going to send out my tape from Friday night, see what they think about it.”

On Friday, Eifler and O’Dowd downed one of the top-ranked teams in Northern California – Pacifica (Calif.) Terra Nova – 28-22, with Eifler tallying 10 tackles and the defensive backs tallying three interceptions.

“We came into the game not ranked,” Eifler said. “Everyone thought we were going to lose. Coming up against the No. 10 team in NorCal, Terra Nova, we actually beat them, 28-22. We let them come back in the fourth a little bit too much, but we held them off.” Top Stories