Cal hosted a bevy of recruits on Saturday, including several of its own commits, but also BYU commit Khari Vanderbilt, who chatted with BearTerritory about what an offer from the Bears would mean.

The first time that BYU commit Khari Vanderbilt stepped on to the California campus, he got to meet former NFL first-round draft pick Jahvid Best. That, alone, spoke volumes about the Golden Bears.

“He’s coming off an injury, but he’s taking his degree, so he’s helping out coaching, and that opened my mind when I saw him,” Vanderbilt said on Sunday. “He’s giving back. That’s really cool.”

On Saturday, the Cougars commit paid his second unofficial visit to Cal – his first was on the first day of fall camp, Aug. 4 – and came away impressed.

“I got to hang out with some of the players and got to watch them do their pre-game, and then we sat in the area of the stands where all the recruits sit at, and after the game, they took us into the locker room, and we got to see them celebrate after the big win, and that was great, to see how they were acting after a win,” Vanderbilt said.

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Vanderbilt – the sophomore safety for San Jose Community College – committed to BYU on June 10, and is not a member of the LDS church. He is, however, very, very close to an offer from the Bears.

“When I took my unofficial visit up there, towards the end of my visit, they said that they would offer me that day, but the math class I was in, they told me that I had to get into a higher math class, so I got into stats, and that’s a transferrable math class – one of the highest math classes in the junior college,” Vanderbilt said. “Once they see that on my transcripts – I’m sending them my official transcripts tomorrow (Monday) – once they see that, I’m pretty sure they’ll offer.”

That offer would mean a lot to Vanderbilt, a San Jose, Calif., native and a graduate of Independence High School.

“It would mean a lot,” Vanderbilt said. “That’d be pretty big. It’s close to home, so I’m pretty sure my mom would like that, and of course my friends will like that, and my girlfriend would like that.”

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The offer, though, wouldn’t change his status with the Cougars, at least, not immediately.

“No. I’m pretty solid to BYU, but a lot can happen in a year,” said Vanderbilt, who’s loading up on units this semester – taking 19 – so he can get out with his Associates Degree early. “Let’s say BYU didn’t work out, then I probably would end up at Cal, because it’s close to home, they play in the Pac-12 and it’s a good school.”

Vanderbilt will definitely be in attendance on Nov. 29, when the Bears and the Cougars square off at Memorial Stadium. He laughed at the notion that whoever wins the game could also win his services, but his loyalties are certainly divided.

“I don’t know what side of the stands I’d be on,” Vanderbilt said. “I’d be right in the middle, on the borderline between Cal and BYU fans.”

The Bears’ win on Saturday, though, made quite the impression.

“The whole atmosphere after they win a big game, everyone’s out there and hanging out,” said Vanderbilt, who was in the locker room to see the aftermath of the victory over Sacramento State. “The people up there are real cool, so it was fun. The players were funny. I went down there, and they were all playing music, having fun, and they had all the recruits laughing.” Top Stories