THREE AND OUT: California vs. Arizona

BERKELEY -- Mike Vernon of the San Francisco Chronicle and Ryan Gorcey of are back at it again on Tuesday with our weekly Three And Out feature, focusing on Luke Rubenzer, the Cal passing game and Arizona's explosive duo of Anu Solomon and Nick Wilson. How will Brennan Scarlett and the Bears defense stop the Wildcats? Find out inside.

VIDEO TAGS: Luke Rubenzer (8 gold), Jared Goff (16 gold), Maurice Harris (3 white), Stephen Anderson (89), Cameron Walker (3 blue), Cody Fajardo, Anu Solomon, Nick Wilson, Patrick Worstell (88 blue), Jack Austin (21 white), Matthew Rockett (24 white), Cedric Dozier (37 blue), Ray Hudson (11 white with black cleats), Caleb Coleman (10 blue), Darius Powe (10 white), Chibuzo Nwokocha (16 blue), Bryce Treggs (1 white), Michael Lowe (5 blue), Trevor Davis (9 white), Bryce McGovern (86), Avery Sebastian (4 blue), Chris Harper (6 white), Darius Allensworth (2 blue), Kenny Lawler (4 white), Todd Barr (41 blue), Noah Westerfield (33 blue), Brennan Scarlett (17 blue), Puka Lopa (75 blue), Mustafa Jalil (blank blue), Austin Clark, Hardy Nickerson (47 blue), Michael Barton, Devante Downs (1 blue), Ray Davison (31 blue), Edward Tandy (32 blue)

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