OFFICIAL REPORT: Matt Snyder Sets a Deadline

Matt Snyder breaks down his official visit to Cal, which included an inside look at the inside receivers, the Dykes residence and more, PLUS, he sets a timeline for his decision.

San Ramon (Calif.) California High School tight end Matt Snyder had a busy weekend. After catching four balls for 82 yards in front of a very impressed Sonny Dykes and Rob Likens, Snyder showered up and headed out to Berkeley to a different California, one sporting blue and gold instead of black and orange.

After hitting the hay, Snyder got breakfast with the other official visitors and took in the Bears’ 36-34 loss to UCLA, a loss which, though painful, showed Snyder just how Cal could use his 6-foot-5, 230-pound frame.

Of the 25 passes that quarterback Jared Goff completed on Saturday, seven went to inside receiver/tight end types such as Stephen Anderson (4 catches for 65 yards) and Darius Powe (3 catches for 40).

“It showed how they’d use me, and I talked with coach [Mark] Tommerdahl for a while today, and they showed me film of how they’d use me,” Snyder said. “I saw it in the game. They throw to their inside receivers and tight end type of guys quite a bit, so that was pretty cool. They showed me film of how they use a tight end, and how they use that guy as an inside receiver unattached, like five yards away from the line, and running seam routes that they see me doing. That’s pretty cool.”

After the game, Dykes headed to the hospital to check on receiver Trevor Davis, and then returned to his house, where he met all of the official visitors.

“We went over to coach Dykes’s house for dinner with the other recruits, and all the coaches,” Snyder says. “It was nice to be able to go over to the coach’s house. It’s pretty cool that he would let us come over. We hung out with the hosts, after that, and we had a fun night with them.”

Sunday morning, Snyder and the other official visitors got to tour campus and the facilities, and met with academic advisors and professors, including one from the Haas School of Business, which was big for Snyder, as he has an inkling that he wants to major in business.

“I’d go in undeclared, but if I had to pick today, I’d say business,” Snyder said. “I talked to a professor, who was a really cool guy. I met him earlier on an unofficial. I talked to him and I talked to a couple of the other academic people from the business side.

“My three big things are: Strong academics, a program I can fit into well, and, thirdly, everything from the weather to the coaches to the people to the environment to the campus,” Snyder said. “It’s the environment – the mood and the tone I get from the people and the place, a program I can fit into well and obviously good academics, and a program that cares about how well their students perform.”

Snyder has a cumulative GPA between 3.6 and 3.7, and finished strong his junior year with a 4.2 GPA. This year, he has a light load, with Econ, English and AP Government.

“I took pre-calculus last year, so I wanted to take a year off from that,” Snyder laughed.

Snyder’s official was his third and final official, after visiting Oregon State and Nevada earlier this fall. Now, he’ll set his sights on making a decision, ideally by the end of this coming week. For comparison's sake, the Beavers have thrown to their three tight ends 33 times for 392 yards, while Cal's Stephen Anderson, Ray Hudson and Darius Powe have combined for 45 catches for 663 yards.

“It’s really tough to compare them,” Snyder said. “I wouldn’t say one was better than the other, but they’re just different. The coaches and the players and the people and the area make them different. They all had their differences that are interesting to see.”

What stuck out the most about the Bears?

“Cal was cool just because there’s so much different stuff to do, and so many great people,” Snyder said. “All the coaches were great. I’ve gotten to know them better over the last four or five months or so, since I started talking to them, so this was a chance to build more of a relationship with them. It was just a fun visit.”

Snyder has a lot to consider before making his choice, and doesn’t plan to take any more visits.

“I’ve got to talk it over with my parents and weigh out the pro’s and con’s and all that good stuff, hopefully, possibly, before the end of the week,” he said. “It’s going to be a tough decision, because all three schools were fantastic. It’s going to be tough to tell two of them ‘no,’ that’s for sure. I plan to commit, at the latest, by the end of the month.”

Snyder wants to, however, get that done within the week, so stay tuned. Top Stories