Butler: "I Got Chills"

We talk to one of the best cornerbacks in the 2016 class, who just so happened to be in Berkeley on Saturday for the Big Game. What did he think of the Cal defensive backfield, and, more importantly, The Bench?

Etiwanda (Calif.) has been good to California in the past, producing one of the best Bears receivers of the past decade in Marvin Jones. If defensive backs coach Greg Burns has his way, Cal could get one more boon from Southern California, but this time, on the other side of the ball.

One of the top cornerbacks in the 2016 class, Treyjohn Butler, paid his first visit to Berkeley this past weekend, and despite the Bears’ 38-17 loss in the 117th Big Game, he had a “great visit.”

“I really appreciate getting a chance to hang out with Sonny Dykes and coach Burns and the other coaches and all the other guys there,” Butler said. “They’re all great people. I love their ideas and plans going forward.”

Despite Burns being fairly dialed into the game at-hand, Butler did spend time speaking with him, and saw the need for fast corners present itself quite often on the field.

“He really was just telling me about the fact that they need the aspect that I bring to the table, which is speed,” said Butler, who’s personal best in the 100-meters is 10.71 seconds, which he hopes to lower to high-10.4s or low-10.5s this spring. “He said he feels a sense of uneasiness, because they don’t have a lot of speed in the defensive backfield, so they might play off too far, and give the receivers too much respect, or when they try to get physical, they can’t run with the receiver they’ve got. He was saying that, if I chose to come there, that I could compete on Day One, and bring that aspect to them.”

Butler has been on an unofficial visit to UCLA, but he didn’t take in the entire game. On Saturday, he made sure he stayed all the way though: “Oh, yeah, I had to watch the whole game,” Butler exclaims. “Afterwards, to be around them, and to see that game, I got to pay attention to the sideline and watch the demeanor of the coaches, and to see how they compose themselves.”

Dykes did lose his temper several times throughout the course of the game due to what can best be termed as mild disagreements with the officiating crew. Butler saw those as positives.

“Most definitely, he’s going to fight for me,” said Butler. “I like the fire. It’s something that you look for in a coach, that, when you see it, it excites you, and gives you a lot of respect for him. I’m going to go to war for this coach, every week, every day, and he’s going to go to war for me.

“There were some really intelligent people, with a great mindset, and it was a great atmosphere,” Butler said of the Bears. “The crowd, I had chills going down my spine, because I kept imagining myself playing on that field, with that much of a crowd. The student section, in my opinion, was amazing. Just the thought of making a play, and bringing something to the table for that stadium to see, it made me excited inside.”

Butler has one more possible visit planned this season, as he may head up to see the Apple Cup between Washington and Washington State, but that’s still tentative.

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