Boss Tagaloa Talks Recruiting

DUBLIN, Calif. -- Following his standout four-sack performance against Pittsburg (Calif.), 2016 Concord (Calif.) De La Salle defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa chatted with me about Cal's season, and how the Bears are recruiting him.

DUBLIN, Calif. -- For the 25th straight year, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle took home the North Coast Section Division I title on Saturday, downing Pittsburg (Calif.) 35-0 at Dublin High School. Defense being the order of the day for the Spartans, it was 2016 four-star defensive lineman Boss Tagaloa leading the charge with four sacks and five tackles for loss, to go along with two quarterback hurries.

“I was just feeling loose today,” Tagaloa laughed. “It just felt like a pretty good day to play football. I woke up this morning, and my mom made me breakfast, so I was feeling good. I got a good talk from my dad.”

Tagaloa was absolutely dominant up front despite getting double- and sometimes triple-teamed against the Pirates.

“Their O-line was good,” said Tagaloa. “I know all of them. I’ve played with them before, as kids and stuff, but my dad always told me to get skinny, and don’t play around with the guy in front of you. It worked, today.”

For the 6-foot-3, 250-pound Tagaloa, getting skinny is easier said than done, but jokes aside, Tagaloa has a very tight build, with his weight mostly accounted for in muscle. He has big shoulders and big hips, but isn’t burdened with bad weight and has room to get bigger over the next year, and when he gets into a college weight program.

“I’ve been talking with Alabama, Tennessee and Cal – Cal, a lot,” said Tagaloa. “I talk a lot, a lot, a lot with Cal.”

California head coach Sonny Dykes has made appoint of recruiting Tagaloa, personally.

“Coach Dykes is cool,” Tagaloa said. “He’s been treating me right. He’s telling me about the school, sending me info and stuff. They invited me to games, so it’s nice. I went to the Sac State game and the UCLA game. Cal was good this year.”

What does Tagaloa expect next year from the Bears, as a follow-up to the 5-7 season they just turned in?

“I just want to see them be successful,” Tagaloa said. “They had a good season this year, so we’ll see.” Top Stories