Meeks Clears the Air

Quenton Meeks was reported to have committed to two different schools this dead period, but he's still unattached, and thinking about his top five. One of his final five schools will give him a chance to play right away, and he's well aware of that fact.

Recruiting can get crazy when it gets down to the wire, and no one knows that more than cornerback Quenton Meeks. The three-star defender out of San Diego (Calif.) Del Norte has been linked to two different schools in recent weeks, with rumors that he’s committed to Vanderbilt and Stanford. Those rumors required Meeks to send out a tweet saying that he hasn’t committed to anybody, yet.

“Honestly, I have no idea [how that happened],” laughs Meeks. “A reporter called me, and said, ‘I heard you committed to Vandy,’ and I was like, ‘Uhh, no.’ Then, I had some people at my school thinking I was committed to Stanford, and I was like, ‘Uhh, no.’”

The Cardinal commit rumors, Meeks believes, stemmed from him submitting his application to Stanford – an application that has yet to be approved (“It should take another couple weeks before I know,” Meeks says).

“Some of the administrative people thought that I was committed because I turned in the application, so I guess that’s how it started,” Meeks said. “The Vandy one, I had a lot of Vanderbilt fans Twitter-mentioning me in a lot of their tweets, like I’m already there. I think that could have been the source of that one, too.”

Even though it’s a dead period, the past few weeks have been “crazy” for Meeks, especially as many other recruits are pulling the trigger.

“People are just anxious to see where you want to go,” Meeks says.

Meeks still has his final five – Arizona State, California, Vanderbilt, Stanford and Washington – and one more visit lined up.

“I’m trying to figure out when I want to commit,” Meeks says. “I have one more trip – for sure – lined up for Stanford, and then, from there, I can take two others, but I’m not really sure yet.”

One of his previous two trips was back in October to Berkeley, and the Bears remain very, very strong contenders for his services, particularly because they were one of the worst passing defenses in the country last season.

“How badly they need guys like me, corners, they need guys right away, so I know that, for sure, as far as if I were to look at it, they would be the best chance to play right away,” Meeks says of Cal. “I feel that I can play right away any place I go, but for them, it would be probably easier. No place is going to be easy to play as a freshman, but the fact that they need guys so much, that’s the reason for them, and I know that they’ve made a lot of improvements this year, and I feel like they’re going to be a serious team in the making here. That’s what’s got them in there.”

Defensive backs coach Greg Burns made a special trip down to San Diego on the final evening before the dead period fell to see Meeks in his home.

“The crazy thing was I had the coach come by right before the dead period started,” Meeks says. “He said he was able to do it because it was the third week, and the dead period didn’t start until the next day, so he came right before. He made the flight they day of, and went down to see me, and then flew back that night. It was a little bit crazy, but I’ve talked to them a lot, before the dead period, and I know how badly they really need me.”

That visit, like his official, made a big impression.

“That was, like, wow,” Meeks says. “That just shows me how much they need me.” Top Stories