MLK Classic: All Eyes on Terrell

BERKELEY -- Christian Terrell has a new offer in the works, but on Monday, he played on Cal's home court, and talked to BearTerritory about Yanni Hufnagel and the Golden Bears.

BERKELEY -- Christian Terrell had a bit of an off game on Monday against San Francisco (Calif.) Sacred Heart Cathedral, but even an off game for the 2016 four-star wing is still 15 points and nine rebounds.

“I guess they slowed the game down on us. I think that came into play, and I just couldn’t hit shots early in the third quarter,” said Terrell. “I couldn’t get going, but that tip-in I had got me going, but then they took me out.”

Terrell’s Sacramento (Calif.) teammates had no problem dismissing Sacred Heart Cathedral, 82-56, in the MLK Classic, but the game still drew quite a few eyes. Three of California’s four coaches – head coach Cuonzo Martin and assistants Tracy Webster and Jon Harris -- to watch Terrell, his teammate Solomon Young and Irish swing man Alfred Hollins.

Ironically enough, assistant Yanni Hufnagel was the only coach not in attendance – he was still back east at the Hoop Hall event in Springfield, Mass. – despite being the main point of contact for Terrell.

“Oh, man, [we talk] at least two or three times a week, just to kind of say, ‘What’s up? What’s happening? How’s it going?’” Terrell said. “Yanni, he’s more on the relationship side of recruiting. He asks me about how school’s going, how’s the house, how’s my girlfriend – he does it all, pretty much.”

Long Beach State has come on recently, and had coaches in attendance, and Northwestern has also made some waves

“I did just pick up a semi-offer from Northwestern,” Terrell said. “Pretty much waiting on grades, and just a meeting, mostly. They want to do it in person, but they text me, called me and said, ‘We really want you. We need you. We want to get you down to make it official.’ It’s everything but an offer.”

Hufnagel and the Bears have yet to offer, but could be close. What more do they want to see out of Terrell?

“More physicality and learn how to be a little bit more selfish,” said Terrell. “They do like that I pass the ball, but big players gotta make big plays down the stretch.”

Terrell excelled on Monday in transition, more than he has in previous viewings, and that sets him up to work well in Martin’s system, a system he’s watched carefully this season, watching every game.

“I’ve watched pretty much all of them, just recorded them on TV,” Terrell said. “I record everybody that’s offering me, to see how it’s going, but I’ve seen them play great. The losses they have, they’re unable to hit shots down the stretch or something goes wrong and the other team capitalizes. Cal is doing well, from what I’ve seen.” Top Stories