Turner Talks Back-to-Back Cal In-Homes

Cal paid DePriest Turner a back-to-back visits earlier this week, including one at the local Waffle House. See what the Bears' defensive back commit had to say about Jacob Peeler and Greg Burns.

Before the California coaching staff reassembled in Berkeley for the mammoth recruiting weekend, they were scattered across the nation doing in-home visits. On Sunday and Monday, the Bears coaching staff paraded through Mobile, Ala., to visit DePriest Turner.

On Sunday, it was now-newly-named inside receivers coach Jacob Peeler and head coach Sonny Dykes, and on Monday, Turner and his future position coach -- Greg Burns -- broke bread at the Waffle House.

Turner spent two and a half to three hours with Burns, “just talking, him and my trainer.”

“He came by earlier to my house that morning, and we talked then, and he talked to my mom. My mom made cookies. We were at the Waffle House for a good, long while,” Turner said.

The meeting with Burns reinforced what Turner had already been told from the moment he was first recruited: He’ll have a chance to come in and play early.

“For me, it just gave me reassurance to know that I can come in and play early,” Turner said. “Coach Burns told me that [Monday], that as long as I dedicate myself, and do everything that they give us – they’re going to give us the tools, the playbook, the workout – and come in with our heads straight, he doesn't care who starts. We’ve got a chance to come in and earn a spot on the depth chart.

“Nothing is guaranteed, so I’m not coming in, saying I’m just going to have a guaranteed spot to start, but I know that my mindset is, I’m coming in humble, and I’m going to keep going, but I’m also coming in with a confidence level to play. That’s how I am. That’s my nature, that’s how my dad is.”

The day before he met with Burns, the Turner clan welcomed Dykes and Peeler into their home, and talked so long that the coaches nearly missed their flight.

“It went really well. It’s like talking to family, almost, and they’re really laid-back kind of guys,” Turner said. “They’re really cool. I know I really enjoyed myself, and my mom did, too. We talked for a long time, too. They didn’t even realize it – they almost missed their flight, we talked so long. It was a relaxing time, too, on the visit.”

“I talked to coach Dykes, he came over and got there a little bit before 11 o’clock, and he stayed until about 2 o’clock, because his flight was at 3:50. He had to leave – they had to get there an hour or so early – so he left around two-something. They lost track of time, because of how comfortable we were with each other and how much we talked. There was easy conversation. We just talked. That’s what’s important: Having that bond with your coaches. You’re able to talk easily with them.”

The treatment of getting back-to-back visits from the coach who first reached out to him – Peeler – and his position coach cemented in Turner’s mind what he had felt since the Bears first came knocking.

“They were my first offer. They offered me back in the spring time, and for me, that signified that I was important, and that I could come in and play,” Turner said.

Peeler, in particular, made an impact.

“I’ve known coach Peeler since they first started recruiting me,” Turner said. “Coach Peeler is a great guy, to me, because he’s just laid back, and is really cool. I love coach Peeler.”

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