Psalms Does Work During and After Official

Malik Psalms wasn't just busy during his official visit this weekend; he went on recruiting for the Bears even after he left Berkeley, as he arrived in Downey, Calif., for the West Coast Bowl.

Despite the fact that Malik Psalms had to move his California official visit up by a day, after accepting a spot in today’s B2G West Coast Bowl two weeks ago, Psalms was still able to make the most out of his ninth trip to Berkeley this week.

“My first day [Thursday], I was in meetings, and I took care of my academic meetings, my strength and conditioning meeting, all that stuff,” said Psalms, who got to spend the whole second day as a de facto host to five uncommitted prospects -- Brandon Singleton, Jaylinn Hawkins, Adrian Miller, Frank Buncom and Jamarcus Bradley. “My second day, I finished up my meetings, and I basically just hung around with the players, and then we went back to the hotel and hung out with all the other kids as they came in.”

Which of the uncommitted players did Psalms get the best vibes from?

“It was about equal. Brandon Singleton, he’s really liking Cal,” Psalms said. “Just talking to him a little bit, he still has some things he needs to figure out on a personal level, about what he wants to do and where he wants to go. Same thing with Jaylinn Hawkins. All the uncommitted guys that were up there were really liking Cal, but it’s just on a persona level – where can they see themselves fitting best? Cal has the opportunities for all of them to come in and play; it’s just where do they want to be?

“I don’t really recruit guys like, ‘Hey, you need to come here.’ I’m more about showing them, telling them why I committed, why I chose Cal, why I felt it was the best fit for me, so they could see, in comparison – ‘Is this the best fit for me?’ It helps them put things in perspective.”

Psalms came into the weekend wanting to know as much as he could about his fellow visitors, but didn’t use a high-pressure style to help recruit.

“A lot of guys, they’re close,” Psalms said. “I’d say, it’s just coming down to what’s best for them. This late in the process, you build relationships with a bunch of coaches and stuff like that, so it’s about which school has the better relationship. It’s what school do they feel more comfortable at, and you can’t really get a vibe on that from someone. That’s something that they have to think about. We’ve all done our job. We’ve shown them what Cal has to offer, why they should come here, but it’s up to them, at this point.”

Psalms’s time with the coaching staff – and, again, he’s already been up to Berkeley eight times – was not so much focused on football or next season, but on relationships, just like Psalms’s talks with the uncommitted recruits.

“I talked with coach Burns a lot, not so much football on this trip, but just hanging out and building a better relationship with each other, because of how often we talk to each other,” Psalms said. “We talk about three times a week. We’re talking football all the time. What we did talk about yesterday was not so much about football, but about life, and how we’re doing.”

Psalms is set to play in the West Coast Bowl today at 3 p.m., on FOX Sports 2 at Downey (Calif.) Warren with Psalms and another Cal target.

Quenton Meeks is playing in that game,” Psalms said. “I’ve been talking to him ever since he was on his official [to Cal], and I was hanging out with him more last night.”

That official visit came on a weekend where Psalms also coincidentally happened to be in Berkeley, along with Trevor Howard, who Psalms got to reunite with again this weekend.

Meeks and Psalms have run with the second-string on the same team for the West Coast Bowl, because both missed practices on Friday and Saturday. Psalms can definitely see himself playing with the three-star corner at the next level.

“Oh yeah, it should be fun,” Psalms said. “Me and Quenton, we get along really well. It should be really fun getting to play with him, and, hopefully, I get to play with him next year.” Top Stories