Austin Aaron 'Cemented' By Official Visit

Meeting his new receivers coach, hanging with Cal's own Odd Couple and more are topics of discussion as Austin Aaron breaks down his official visit to Cal.

About a week ago, Michigan – headed by former Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh -- showed some interest in California wide receiver commit Austin Aaron. No offer came, but the interest was real. Still, Aaron – who’s set to be a third-generation Golden Bear – just couldn’t bring himself to deal with a former Cardinal head coach, especially after his official visit this weekend.

“They were interested, they wanted me to come out and take a visit, but I’m firmly committed to Cal; there’s no doubt in my mind, after this visit,” Aaron said, proudly. “I’m not taking any visits anymore.”

As for the former Stanford head coach?

“Oh, hell no. I could not do that,” Aaron said. “After this visit, it just cemented how much I love this place, and I’m not going anywhere else.”

What about the visit so cemented Aaron’s commitment – the longest of the 2015 cycle?

“It was really just my whole experience,” Aaron said. “It was my whole experience there. All the guys, the coaches, just my whole weekend, it was just phenomenal. My parents and I both think it was just a fantastic weekend. Really, just interacting with the guys, having Jared Goff as my host, he introduced me to everyone, and getting to know everyone on the team, that stood out to me.”

With party animal Goff andhis sidekick Ray Hudson, Aaron had plenty of opportunities for fun over the weekend.

“Jared was awesome,” Aaron said. “I could not have asked for a better host for my official visit. He’s such a cool guy, and can’t wait to have him as my quarterback at Cal.

“After the basketball game, we just hung out with pretty much the whole team, all the recruits and everything, and we had a good time last night.”

Aaron’s parents “absolutely loved” the weekend, and got to interact with the other recruit parents, forming the core of a future iteration of the Bearents.

“They just hit it off right away, and can’t wait to watch the games with them for the next four years, and get to know them more,” Aaron said.

While Aaron’s parents were rubbing elbows, Aaron himself was getting to know his new position coach, former running backs coach Pierre Ingram.

“Oh, man, me and my family, we both just absolutely love Ingram,” Aaron said. “He was a bigger receiver when he played, so he understands what it takes to be successful at the next level as a big receiver. I absolutely cannot wait to have him coach me up. I know what a great coach he is, and what a great guy he is, and I can’t wait to have him coach me. I was totally secure knowing that I was in good hands with him.” Top Stories