Evan Rambo Talks Cal Official Visit

What did Evan Rambo say about a possible future commitment for his Golden Bears? Find out as he breaks down his official visit to Berkeley this past weekend.

California safety commit Evan Rambo finally got to meet the son of the man who helped him land a Bears offer -- Bryce Treggs -- during his official visit this weekend. Defensive backs, breaking bread with wide receivers – now that’s peace in our time.

“I hung around with everyone. I got to meet Bryce and Bryce is a cool guy. He’s really cool. That was cool just being able to talk with him, hang around him and everything, and really just mingling with everyone,” Rambo said. “The linemen, quarterbacks – Jared and Luke – they were a lot of fun. It was just intermingling with everyone. Pretty much everybody was all mixed together at one point.”

That meant that Rambo, his host A.J. Greathouse and fellow visitor Adrian Miller hung out with quarterbacks, linemen, running backs and linebackers.

“It made a huge impact, just seeing that, as far as Cal being a team,” Rambo said. “It wasn’t just individual units. It’s together, on the field and off the field, quarterbacks hanging with defensive backs and running backs with linemen. As far as this recruiting class, everybody came in and clicked immediately like we’d known each other for years.”

Miller, in fact, tagged along much of the weekend with Greathouse and Rambo, perhaps giving some light to what he may intend to do as far as his commitment is concerned.

“I’m not sure how he’s feeling. He sounded like he had a good time here, and he had a great visit. He had a lot of positive things to say,” said Rambo. “I got to talk with a lot of the guys who were uncommitted. I got to talk with AD Miller, Jaylinn Hawkins and Brandon Singleton. I talked to a lot of them, see how they were feeling about everything, and we hung out a lot, actually. Me and AD hung out pretty much almost the entire time we were there. He was with me and AJ a lot. It was really good to be able to talk to them. They enjoyed Berkeley.”

It took less than 24 hours for Rambo to flip from San Diego State to Cal during an unofficial visit during the season, so with a full visit under Miller’s belt, and the companionship of Rambo and Greathouse, things could be afoot. As for Greathouse, he had nothing but appropriately great things to say about his first year at Cal.

“He said he loved it,” Rambo said. “As far as being here, it was a great choice. He loves the atmosphere, the people here, the team aspect of everything. He really loves it, and he was showing me the ropes, showing me around, as far as where he’s living, how to get around. He really loves it here, and he was showing me everything.”

That includes the environs around Berkeley, which Rambo finally got to experience in full flower.

“I just wanted to get a feel for what it is to be in college, how it is to be a student-athlete, as far as going to school,” Rambo said. “I had heard so many good things, as far as academics, so that was a great thing to see. I enjoyed the tour of the campus, around the campus and everything. There’s a lot of history that goes into this school, a lot of cool facts.”

He also got to spend some time with Greg Burns, his future position coach, who will make an in-home visit along with head coach Sonny Dykes on Wednesday.

“I spent a lot of time with him. I saw him a lot,” Rambo said. “I had a position meeting with him, and I was able to talk and break down a couple of things, as far as the defensive side of the ball. Him and coach Dykes are also coming down on Wednesday for an in-home visit, so I’ll be able to talk to him some more.”

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