New Cal Offeree Looks Up to Uluave

Cal was busy in the Islands last cycle with the signings of Kanawai Noa and Semisi Uluave, and now, they're going back to Hawaii to offer four-star interior lineman Michael Eletise.

At the end of winter, four-star offensive guard Michael Eletise had one scholarship offer. Now, he has eight, with the latest coming from a familiar school, these days, for Hawaiian prospects: California.

“It’s just a blessing. A lot of kids that want offers, and they just want one. I have eight, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get some more,” said the 6-foot-4, 302-pound Eletise after a workout on Thursday. “I just feel blessed. It just makes me want to work harder, just to prove that I can get some more. I want to prove to the schools that offered me, and the schools that are looking at me, that they’re not making a bad investment in me, and that I’m not going to slack. I’m not one of those kids who’s going to get all this attention, and then stop working.”

The Golden Bears are more than familiar to Eletise, who is acquainted with not one, but both of Cal’s signees out of the islands this past recruiting cycle.

“I know both of them,” Eletise said of the Punahou pair of Kanawai Noa and Semisi Uluave. “Kanawai, I know him from workouts, and I know Semeisi, because we went to the same camp. We’ve talked some other times. I don’t know them that well, but I think of them as friends.”

When he receive his Cal offer, Eletise got an acknowledgement from Uluave on Twitter.

“Semisi posted stuff on Twitter, but other than that, I haven’t really talked to them. I should talk to Semisi some more, but I haven’t really talked to them at all. I’ve been busy, just training all day.”

Uluave – like Eletise, a four-star interior lineman – made a much-ballyhooed National Signing Day decision to sign with the Bears, and it was a decision that Eletise paid attention to.

“I look up to Semisi,” said Eletise. “I look up to a lot of the graduating class this year. I think it would be an honor to play with Semisi and Kanawai. It’s an honor to play at any school at the D1 level, but I was really excited when I got the offer from Cal. I was surprised when Semisi chose Cal on signing day. No one knew which school he was going to sign, and he signed with Cal. Wherever school fits you, you want to go to, and he did, and I thought that was a good fit for him.”

Could Berkeley be a good fit for Eletise?

“[Academics are] going to be a very major part, because obviously, you have the football side, but you’re also going there for an education,” said Eletise. “You kind of want to make sure they have small class sizes and good tutoring for you, if you ever need help. You need something for after football. I obviously want to go into the NFL, but I’m not going to be in the NFL for very long, so I need something that will sustain me after I finish with my college or NFL career. It’s a pretty big aspect that I’m looking at.”

Eletise bench presses over 330 pounds, and squats well over 500, and is a powerful, barrel-chested technician on the inside, and he’ll get a chance to strut his stuff on the mainland at one of the NIKE Opening Regional Tryouts. When he comes out to the mainland, he’ll take the opportunity to make a few visits, as well.

“I’m going to be out there, over the summer, and I’m going to go out to California, so of course, I’m going to make a note of who offered me early, and I’ll try to see all those colleges, because they offered me early in my junior year. I owe them, to keep those ties,” he said. “I’m coming out for the NIKE Opening Regional, and then, I’ll see UCLA and the colleges in California, and then, my sister lives in Arizona, so we’re going to drive out to Arizona to see the schools in Arizona. Then, we’re going to fly back. We’re going to stop by all those colleges. I don’t know about Stanford, because I don’t know if I’ll have time. I’ll try. I want to get as wide a range of colleges as I can get.” Top Stories