Beyond the Commitment: Dismuke Finds a Home

Marquel Dismuke talks about his transfers, his visit to Cal, his connection with Greg Burns and more as we go beyond the commitment with the second player to pledge to the Bears in the 2016 class.

Marquel Dismuke will finally have a permanent home when he gets to Berkeley. Over the past three years, he’s lived in Compton, Carson and now, as of two weeks ago, Calabasas, with his 22-year old brother Marquise (the two still see their parents every week, and are having Friday dinner with them this week).

Marquise was headed to Oregon to play football, but injured his knee, and wound up not going. He now works at an oil refinery, supporting him and Marquel.

Dismuke – the No. 190 player in our 2016 Scout300, and the No. 11 safety in the land – has played at Compton (Calif.) Dominguez (freshman and junior years) and Carson (Calif.) (sophomore year), and this coming season, will play for Calabasas. After that, though, he expects to settle down a bit at California.

“It’s going to be great, and I’m looking forward to it,” said Dismuke, who committed to the Bears on Thursday.

It was, in fact, a year ago that Dismuke wanted to commit to Cal, initially, after a trip with Team19 – his seven-on-seven program, run by former USC and NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. In fact, Johnson and defensive backs coach Greg Burns played with one another at Dorsey High in Los Angeles, and that relationship is what spawned the one that Burns and Dismuke now share.

“I went on a visit out there, and we got to know each other. Me and Keyshawn went up there last year to visit Cal,” Dismuke says. “We clicked well. We clicked the first time we talked, and we’ve formed a really good relationship.”

In fact, after that visit, Dismuke had ideas about committing to the Bears, even at that early juncture.

“It was just everything,” says Dismuke. “I really loved everything. It just felt like it was the right place to be. The city is lovely. It’s way different than from where I’m from.”

Where he’s from is Compton, and though the move out to Calabasas was not explicitly to get him out of that part of Los Angeles and into suburbia, it’s an added perk. Dismuke called Calabasas the “perfect situation,” for him, especially after the staff at Dominguez was fired.

“The coaching staff got fired, and the principal got fired, so that made me leave the school,” Dismuke says. As for the staff at Calabasas? “Whatever I don’t know, they’ll teach me, and I’m willing to learn. We should be good this year.”

Dismuke doesn’t much care which safety spot he plays – though he’s rather well suited for the rangier, free safety spot – but the Bears have told him that he can be “a difference maker,” he says. Top Stories