Cal WR Coach Pierre Ingram Arrested

Cal wide receivers coach Pierre Ingram was arrested in connection with a prostitution sting, according to a report. The University of California has released a statement, saying that the Bears' recruiting coordinator has been placed on administrative leave.

According to a report published today by Harry Harris of the San Jose Mercury news, California outside wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Pierre Ingram was arrested on April 16 as part of prostitution sting that netted five johns.

Ingram -- the top recruiter on Sonny Dykes's staff, and a husband with two children, including one infant son -- was arrested after he allegedly solicited an undercover officer online and then showed up at the Motel 6 on Embarcadero in Oakland.

He was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor solicitation of a lewd act, was booked, cited and given a court date to appear next month.

The University released a statement shortly after the story broke:

"We are aware of the situation and at this time the University is in the process of gathering more information. We were first made aware of the situation prior to the spring game. Coach Ingram did not participate in the spring game and has been placed on administrative leave while the University looks into the matter. Once that process is complete and the situation has been fully assessed, we will be in a position to comment further."

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According to friend of the site and SF Chronicle Cal beat writer Mike Vernon, Ingram was booked, cited and released in lieu of $2,500 bail.

In a statement, obtained by Vernon, Ingram's attorney, Darryl Stallworth, stated:

"Pierre Ingram is deeply sorry for the embarrassment or pain that he's caused to his family, first and foremost, and to the University. He has already begun addressing the issues that put him in a place where he would be detained and arrested for solicitation. We don't know enough about the actual event, because I don't have a report, probably won't get one until the prosecutors have had a chance to take a look at it. As you know, an arrest is different than a charge. It's just an arrest right now. The prosecutors have to take a look at it and determine whether or not there was actually unlawful event.

"Police department's going to arrest you just based on probable cause. There was no exchange of any type of physical activity and there was no exchange of any money.

"The word solicitation is important. Some people want to jump to conclusions and think that this has been an actual act. He did not have physical contact with anyone and there was no money exchanged. The charge is just the contact he made online and a conversation that may have taken place, and I won't know exactly what that conversation is until I get a recording of it and that's assuming that whatever is on it is sufficient enough for the prosecutors to consider that it was unlawful."

What happens next? Well, that depends on the district attorney. On the Oakland Police Department website, there is a press release about the operation, indicating that the demand for sex workers, and its relation to human trafficking, is a point of emphasis for the department, which means a higher likelihood for the DA to prosecute, if a case is strong enough. Top Stories