Sione Heimuli-Lund Talks Cal Offer

Four-star athlete Sione Heimuli-Lund visited Berkeley on Friday, and gabbed with BearTerritory about his newest offer -- from Cal -- and about where the Bears see him playing.

2017 four-star athlete Sione Heimuli-Lund was supposed to visit California back in April, but the trip to Berkeley fell through. On Friday, though, he and his Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton teammate Jackson Kaufusi were on campus, and Heimuli-Lund finally joined Kaufusi among the ranks of Cal offerees.

“It was actually a surprise,” Heimuli-Lund said. “I just came down to look at campus, and coach Dykes brought me in his office, and offered me. That was cool. He’s a good man. I didn’t know much, but after that meeting, I had a good feel for what he was like, and what he stands for.”

Heimuli-Lund had actually told Dykes not moments before that part of his trip would include a visit on Saturday to Stanford – the first to what he’s called his ‘dream school’ in the past, and he’s excited to get to see it for the first time on Saturday.

Coincidence? Heimuli-Lund thinks so.

“They asked what our plans were, and I said we were going to Stanford tomorrow, and a couple minutes later, they offered me,” said Heimuli-Lund, who was also accompanied by his mother.

After his visit to Berkeley, Stanford certainly has some company at the top of Heimuli-Lund’s list.

“Oh, most definitely,” he said. “I just felt great being around here, and everyone around here, too … Them being the No. 1 public school, and academically, they’re right up there with Stanford, that helps a lot. I can say that they’re definitely up there, now.”

Heimuli-Lund, who’s being recruited by linebackers coach Garret Chachere, is a unique athlete, at 6-foot-0.5, 225 pounds, and also a solid student, with a 3.8 GPA.

“I liked how he was straight-up with me,” Heimuli-Lund said of Chachere. “Everything he said, I liked.”

Though the Bears are going to be losing a lot of their top linebackers in the next two years, they are looking at Heimuli-Lund as a running back. He profiles as both an inside linebacker and as a power back in a spread system – which he runs in at Brighton. During his visit to Cal, he was shown videos of spring practice, particularly power backs like him.

“Right now, they want me at running back, but they told me, in a couple years, if I’m bigger, they want me at linebacker,” said Heimuli-Lund. “They like the power that I bring, and they’ll put me wherever I fit.”

Oklahoma State also wants Heimuli-Lund as a power back, while BYU prefers him as an athlete, and Utah as a linebacker. Washington also likes him as a linebacker, as does Washington State. Vanderbilt is in the ‘athlete’ boat with Heimuli-Lund, as well.

“I love defense, for sure,” Heimuli-Lund said. “I also like being that power back in the offense, too. I like bringing the linebacker mentality to the offensive side.”

That sure sounds a lot like freshman Cal running back Lonny Powell, who also played linebacker and running back in high school.

The man coaching Powell – offensive coordinator Tony Franklin -- also spoke with Heimuli-Lund.

“He said he’s watched the film, and he loves me at linebacker and running back,” Heimuli-Lund said. “We sat down and watched the film, and that was really cool. We watched tape of a whole spring practice, and looked at some of the tape of plays that we do at my high school, that they run here at Cal. We went over things, and he told me what he wanted me to learn.” Top Stories