Oakland NIKE: Tagaloa Talks Top 12, Bears

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. -- Recently, defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa broke out his top 12, and he talked with BearTerritory about what got the Bears into that elite group, as well as when he'll be making his decision.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. -- Recently, four-star defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa named his top 12, including such national stalwarts as Ole Miss, Alabama, Michigan and Tennessee, but also a heaping helping of Pac-12 schools.

“I think, for the most part, it’s just education, because I want to major in broadcasting or kinesiology, so those schools really fit that, what I want to be in life,” Tagaloa said at The Opening Oakland Regional on Sunday. “Another thing is the football program, and the coaches. I really got a good vibe with those coaches, and I keep in contact with most of them. That top 12, I felt pretty safe about it.”

Tagaloa won’t be making any more cuts from now until Signing Day, when he will commit and sign. Of course, he’ll have to make a decision on which schools to officially visit, though those will mostly likely go to schools far from his home.

When it comes to schools closer to home – like California – he’ll likely take unofficials. He said that he’ll definitely try to get to a Bears game this season, since Sonny Dykes and his program made Tagaloa’s top 12, as well.

“Just the school, education-wise, and which will provide me with the best education, for life after football,” Tagaloa said of what he’s looking for in a prospective school.

His relationship with Dykes was what Tagaloa cited as one of the reasons that Cal made such a good early impression on him.

“It’s really good. I like what they’re doing in their program,” Tagaloa said. “They’re really changing it around these last few years, and they had a pretty good class this year, so I think that whole program is coming together pretty well. That’s why they’re in my top 12.”

The 6-foot-2, 303-pound defensive tackle – the top tackle in the West – has also formed a good relationship with defensive line coach Fred Tate.

“I talk to him quite a bit. He’s a really good guy, a really good coach, also. He’s got a sense of humor. It works for him. He’s a real good coach. He has a good mind for the game.”

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