Cal Offers Texas OL Brothers

2016 offensive lineman Hunter Harris and 2017 offensive lineman Wes Harris break down their Cal offers, and what it would mean to play together at the next level.

When Hunter Harris and Wes Harris’s father describes his two sons, he says his older boy – Hunter – is more polished, and more measured. His younger son – 16-year old Wes – “he’ll talk your ear off. He’ll give you something good.”

The 2017 offensive lineman out of Aledo, Tex., doesn’t disappoint. Both he and Hunter scored offers from California on Wednesday, and he certainly does paint a picture.

“It was a good time this mornin’,” says Wes, with a thick Texas twang. “Actually, I was on the phone with Baylor. I was talking to them, and my older brother Hunter came through the locker room, and he was all fired up. He hit me on the shoulder, and I was all, ‘What’s up?’ He goes, ‘Hey, I just got offered by Cal.’ I was like, ‘Sweet!’ He goes, ‘Yeah, and they also offered you!’ I was like, ‘Well, heck yeah!’ I didn’t get a chance to talk to the coach who was up there – I believe it was the offensive line coach [Brandon Jones] – but he seemed like a really cool guy. He was out there, watching practice, and he told my older brother, ‘Go ahead and tell your younger brother that we’re offering him, as well.’ It was a good mornin’ for both of us.”

Hunter – who’s added 11 pounds to his 6-foot-2 frame to reach 261 pounds as of Wednesday morning’s practice – profiles as a center/guard, as does the 6-foot-4, 295-pound Wes.

“I’m trying to get, at the end of summer, I’m trying to weigh 275,” says Hunter. “[Jones] likes the way I play. I’m not the biggest guy ever, but I just love the game. I like playing hard, and I like finishing blocks. I guess he saw that, and wanted to offer me.”

What Hunter lacks in size, he makes up for in smarts. Hunter boasts a 3.98 GPA, and just took the ever-rigorous Advanced Placement Physics test two weeks ago. Wes has a GPA “just below a 3.2,” but he knows what his strengths are.

“It’s not the best, but it’s up there a little bit,” says Wes. “I’m trying to catch up to him, but heck, I can’t help it. He takes after Mom, so he’s got a stinkin’ 4.0, and I take after Dad. My dad and I have both been dropped on the head a couple too many times as a baby, so we ain’t the smartest in the world, but we can get through school.”

The pair plan to take several recruiting trips during the summer, including to Kansas, where former Cal offensive line coach Zach Yenser is now coaching. Yenser offered Hunter on Tuesday.

“Cal is definitely one of my top spots, right next to Kansas. It definitely means a lot [to get the Cal offer],” says Hunter. “Yenser was actually the one that offered me, and we’ve been talking a lot with all the [Kansas] staff.”

Wes – who has offers from TCU, Tulsa, Texas Tech, Boise State and Texas State – wants to visit the Horned Frogs, most of all.

“The main one I want to go visit is TCU. I’ve got the most interest in them, so far. I met their O-line coach. The first day of spring, he offered me, and that was my first big-school offer,” says Wes. “They seem really cool. I’m going to go down there, I’m thinking about going down to Tech. I’m going down to Texas A&M for sure to visit this summer, and I was thinking about going down to Alabama in June, as well. I think I can get Hunter to go up to the TCU one with me. We both want to go to Cal, and I might join him on the Kansas one, if I get invited to that, too.”

Getting to check out Berkeley in June or July will help the brothers not only see what the Bears are about, but also help them escape the hot and humid Texas weather.

“It’s been rainin’ like cats and dogs out here, and it’s so stinkin’ humid when the sun comes out, so it’s going to be hot, for sure,” laughs Wes. “I don’t know much about [Cal], but my brother’s told me the offensive line coach, who came down to see us today, coach Jones, my brother Hunter told me he’s an awesome guy, and he’s big on both of us. I’m lookin’ forward to meetin’ him. I don’t know much about him, but he played at Texas Tech, and that’s a big-time school. I believe we’re going to go down there [to Cal] and visit. We’d like to, pretty soon, in June or July. I’m looking forward to checking it out and getting to know more about them.”

The Bears are the first program to offer both brothers, and the potential for the pair to play together at the next level is, to say the least, enticing.

“That’s awesome,” says Hunter. “I think it’d be really cool if Wes and I could both go to the same school and get our education together, and continue that bond of being on the same team, like we have been since, shoot, I guess first and second grade. It’s awesome, because nobody else has, and it means a lot, for sure.”

Wes is, to say the least, a bit more colorful in his evaluation of that possibility.

“I tell you what, we’ve grown up always playin’ together, and middle school was the only time we didn’t get to play together,” says Wes. “Then, my freshman year, I started on varsity, and Hunter as a sophomore that time, and he started on varsity. We’ve been playing together, and we’ll play together all the way through high school, and it would just be somethin’ special, if we could continue to play together at the next level. It’d be pretty fun.”

Aledo runs a spread offense, geared mainly towards the run. Hunter estimates that his team runs about 65% of the time, with linemen in three-point stances, as opposed to the two-point stance Cal offensive linemen set up in.

“He likes the way I play. I’m not the biggest guy ever, but I just love the game. I like playing hard, and I like finishing blocks. I guess he saw that, and wanted to offer me,” says Hunter. “I think he just likes the way that I play, and that’s what really sealed the deal. Every play, I try to give 150 percent, and finish every play.”

The Bears like Hunter as a center, and Wes as a guard.

“They want Hunter at center, and I’m getting mainly recuited as a guard; TCU would like me to play center and guard, so I’d guess they’d probably leave me at the guard spot, if I had to take a guess,” Wes says. Top Stories