Beyond the Commitment: Josh Drayden

We go in-depth with Josh Drayden after his Sunday commitment to the Golden Bears, as he talks about his potential major, his visit to Berkeley and more.

Over the past two recruiting cycles, Dallas (Tex.) Bishop Dunne has produced seven Division I signees, including three defensive backs. The Falcons have sent six of those seven to Power Five schools, highlighted by four-star defensive backs Nick Watkins (Notre Dame) and Payton Hendrix (Texas Tech).

California football fans should already be familiar with one Adrian Miller, a three-star wide receiver who signed with Oklahoma last recruiting cycle, who was heavily considering the Bears.

As luck would have it, Cal’s latest commit – three-star cornerback Josh Drayden -- covered Miller every single day in practice.

“I covered him all the time; we went at it in practice,” Drayden says. “It helps a lot. That’s another reason why this [commitment] is a great decision, because, to me, Cal has the best receivers in the Pac-12, so going against them every day will prepare me for every Saturday.”

One of the first to congratulate Drayden on his commitment was another stud receiver out of Texas, who just so happened to sign with the Bears last cycle: Four-star Carlos Strickland.

“I actually talked with him about my visit before I went,” Drayden says. “He was telling me about the different opportunities Cal can bring. We haven’t known each other long, just since I started getting recruited by Cal. We’ve exchanged messages. We haven’t met in person, but when I get back, we’re probably going to link up.”

That visit spanned three days, after Drayden, his parents and his little brother arrived on Friday. Drayden’s little brother participated in the skill position portion of Saturday’s one-day camp, and though he wasn’t one of the biggest players on the field, he still made some big plays, much to Big Bro’s delight.

“It was awesome. He was out there ballin’ out,” Drayden says, proudly. “We got out here on Friday, and we’re going to be here until Wednesday. Right now, we’re about to look around San Francisco and Oakland, and go to the Golden Gate Bridge, different things like that, just to check out the surroundings.”

On Saturday, Drayden and family toured the facilities and the campus, talked to coaches and players, and began to fall in love with the program, and the school.

“They loved it,” Drayden says of his parents. “They were excited about it. They think that it’s a great opportunity for me, and they just can’t wait.”

Drayden is interested in biotechnology, but says he’s not picking a major just yet.

“It’s just something that I’ve been interested in, working for huge companies and stuff like that,” he says. “I’m going to see what I like when I get there, and decide.”

Drayden is also not done with recruiting. Now, he'll turn his eyes towards trying to wrangle a few more commits for the Bears.

"We've got a couple guys at Bishop Dunne that I'm going to try to get with," laughs Drayden. "We've got a running back, named Rajan Cunningham, we've got a receiver named Geraud Sanders, a defensive end named Jordan Robertson, and there's a lot more." Top Stories