Beyond the Commitment: Logan Gamble

Logan Gamble's Cal roots go deep. His paternal grandparents met at Berkeley, and his two uncles both earned their MBAs at Cal. Despite that history, Gamble made the staff work to earn his commitment on Monday.

When Wicker Gamble met his future wife Megan while both were students at the University of California, Berkeley, little did he know that, decades later, his grandson would wind up playing in California Memorial Stadium.

On Monday, that grandson -- Logan Gamble -- committed to play inside receiver for head coach Sonny Dykes and inside receivers coach Jacob Peeler, making his paternal grandparents – and his two uncles, both Cal grads – more than a little bit proud.

“Both of my uncles got their Master’s – their MBA’s – at Cal, and both of my grandparents graduated from Cal, [so] they were super excited,” Gamble said after returning from his unofficial visit. “Obviously, they were pushing me to go there, and they wanted me to get up on campus. They thought when I got offered that I was already committed – they said, ‘Well, there can’t be any other choice.’ They were pretty excited when they heard the news today.”

Even with so much family pushing Gamble Cal’s way, and even the fact that he called Berkeley his “dream school,” he still made the coaching staff work for his commitment. He didn’t tell them he was committed until the end of a lengthy day in Berkeley.

“I made them be patient, and still sell the school,” Gamble said. “I could tell they really wanted me in the program. That’s what I was looking for. I was looking for them to keep trying to sell the school. I didn’t want to walk up and say ‘I’m committing,’ already, like my intention was, because I didn’t want them to have an easy day, and not sell me the school completely.”

Gamble did “everything you could imagine, times 10,” during his visit on Monday, accompanied by his mother.

The pair met the entire coaching staff before the visit started, and then he sat down with position coach Peeler, his primary recruiter. Following that, Gamble and his mother toured the campus with Peeler, as well as graduate assistant Austin Clark.

Next up was a tour of the facilities, including the weight room, the training room, the obligatory jersey and gear try-ons, and then academic meetings, with a focus on business. Like his uncles, Gamble wants to major in business, so a professor from the Haas School of Business sat down and spoke with Gamble about that career path.

“We talked about how he plays a role in people’s lives who have graduated, like Marshawn Lynch and two WNBA players who graduated from Cal last year – he’s a mentor to many Cal students and Cal alumni,” Gamble said. “From there, I went to the locker room, and I met with two more academic advisors, and another guy that’s focused on preparing Cal student-athletes for the future, outside of football.”

Then, it was time to break for lunch, where offensive coordinator Tony Franklin and Peeler broke bread with Gamble around the Claremont Hotel.

“We talked about football with my mom, and my mom enjoyed it; I enjoyed it, too,” Gamble said.

As Gamble said, he came into the visit intending to commit, but he was still blown away by the visit, and fell in love with Berkeley, just like his grandparents fell in love with one another.

“It was the tremendous coaching staff,” Gamble said. “I was overwhelmed with the how they treated me, and how they treated my mom, especially. I felt like I was a top priority for them, and just felt the love. Everywhere I walked, everybody knew who I was. Everybody introduced themselves, and I said, ‘Hello, I’m Logan,’ and they’d say, ‘We already know who you are; don’t worry about it.’ It was just stuff like that, that made Cal stand out differently from any other school I’ve visited.” Top Stories