Bear Republic Podcast: The Goffense

In our second episode this week, we break down just what makes Jared Goff one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, how far he can take the Bears and just what kinds of players Cal hauled in during its recent commitment spree ...

The Bear Republic Podcast is back, with the old duo of publisher Ryan Gorcey and Jon Doss, thanks to VSporto, and in the second episode this week of the Bear Republic Podcast, we start off by addressing just what the expectations are for California quarterback Jared Goff, who was named to the Walter Camp Player of the Year Watch List this morning, adding to his already-impressive preseason haul.

Can he lift the Bears out of the doldrums and become the first Cal quarterback drafted since Aaron Rodgers in 2005? What makes Goff such a hot pro commodity?

In total, where does Goff stand?

In our second segment, we break down what Cal’s getting in the 10 commitments the Bears reeled in over the past month.

A trio of tackles in Tevin Paul, Chris Yaghi and Russell Becker:
Paul Adds to Summer Haul
Yaghi Makes Three in Three Days
Becker Joins CalGang

A triple dose of tall wide receivers in 6-foot-4 Matt Laris, 6-foot-6 Logan Gamble and 6-foot-3 Drew Kobayashi:
Laris Makes the Call for Cal
Biggins Breaks Down Kobayashi
Cal is a Family Matter for Gamble

A duo of defensive backs in Camryn Bynum and the man who started the whole commitment train, Josh Drayden:
Bears Bag Bynum
Beyond the Commitment: Josh Drayden

And, the Bears hauled in two players with amazing stories, in first-generation American offensive guard Paco Perez and linebacker Markus Wright, who’s mother is the general manager of an Arena League team.

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