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Sources Clarify Rumors Surrounding Cal Football Opener in Australia

My sources give some clarity to the rumors surrounding the potential 2016 Cal football opener in Australia ...

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors flying around surrounding a potential 2016 season-opening game between the California football team and potentially Hawaii, with the game taking place in Australia.

After talking with my sources, and based on the level of interaction that I’ve had with this current athletic administration, the Bears will only do the game in Australia with Hawaii (or another team) if things make sense, across the board, including factors like scheduling (starting practices earlier, having a bye week in between this potential game and the second game of the season), practice times and financial incentives.

Deals like this don’t happen overnight. There are a lot of logistics that need to be ironed out with both the participating teams and the NCAA.

Based on what I’ve heard from my sources, and given what appears to be a propensity on the part of the Baylor athletic department to release information, prematurely, the spread of alleged details of the process and of the proposed game itself is consistent with previous leaks from that institution (for example, the potential game between Baylor and Cal in Australia).

Sources close to the negotiations have confirmed to me that all of the information (like the tweet below) that’s getting out is in fact being leaked from the Baylor camp.

Given the success of Cal Basketball’s recent trip to Australia, this athletic administration is a group that’s determined to only make smart decisions when it comes to what’s best for the program, and won’t do deals like these in haste. Long story short: This isn't a repeat of the moving-Big-Game-to-Santa-Clara drama.

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