Cal Head Coach Sonny Dykes Talks Injuries, Offensive Tackles and More at Thursday Practice

Sonny Dykes updates injuries, the tackle situation and more from Thursday practice ...

BERKELEY -- After his performance last week, redshirt sophomore tackle Aaron Cochran has continued to push incumbent starter Brian Farley, but the senior will retain his starting position this week against San Diego State.

“I think it’s going to be Farley," Dykes said. "We’ll see how it goes tomorrow, and just keep working. The great thing is, we have competition. That’s what we want. Brian’s played well through the week, and Aaron getting into the conversation wasn’t a byproduct of Brian not playing well; it’s just Aaron deserving a chance. The same thing has happened with Addison Ooms a little bit at center. He’s been playing really well, so the good thing is, we’ve got seven guys we really like, feel confident about, and that’s a good place to be in.”

By way of injury updates, Dykes said that wide receiver Jack Austin had surgery on Thursday to put a screw into his foot.

"It’s probably going to be a four-week deal," Dykes said. "We anticipate him being back, hopefully within four weeks.” Cal special teams player of the week Matthew Rockett, who is dealing with a knee issue, will not play this week, but will "probably" play next week against Texas.

Freshman cornerback Jaylinn Hawkins, who appeared to injure a shoulder this week in practice, "will be fine," but, as to whether he'll play or not, Dykes said, "we'll see how he's feeling."

Linebacker Aisea Tongilava (toe) and safety Griffin Piatt (knee) are still out.

Dykes said that special teams work this week has been much improved. Though the Bears allowed an average of 20.8 yards per kickoff return (with an average starting spot of about the 24-yard line) last week against Grambling, Cal did allow returns of 47 yards and 24 yards.

“I thought our special teams have been improved, which, we needed to improve," Dykes said. "There’s been a big emphasis on that. That part’s been good. Light today, we’ll crank it back up tomorrow, and I think our guys are ready. They’re in a good frame of mind. I thought they were focused today, it was a good, focused walkthrough. I think we’re ready.”

The "same guys" will return punts for the Bears on Saturday as were on the depth chart last week -- Bryce Treggs (no returns on Saturday), Trevor Davis (1 return, -4 yards) and Kanawai Noa (1 return, 0 yards) -- and Brandon Singleton will also be in the mix. Top Stories