Former Texas Quarterback Vince Young and Former Cal Wide Receiver Scott Nady Make Cal-Texas Bet

Back in August, former Cal wide receiver Scott Nady made a bet with friend Vince Young, and now that Cal-Texas game week is upon us, here's a refresher of what's at stake ...

Reprinted from August 2, 2015

A former California football player -- and former San Leandro (Calif.) head football coach -- has challenged former Texas quarterback Vince Young to a bet. And the one-time NFL signal caller has accepted. 

Scott X. Nady – the head football coach at Parish Episcopal in Dallas, Tex., who played wide receiver and safety at Cal before becoming a sports agent and then rebuilding the San Leandro (Calif.) football program as its head coach– recently went on an offseason trip down to Mexico, where he met up with Young. 

Young quarterbacked the Longhorns from 2002-05, with 44 passing touchdowns and 37 rushing scores, defeating USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. 

Nady -- cousin of former Cal baseball player and Major Leaguer Xavier -- has challenged Young to wear a Cal football t-shirt (complete with his name and old number 10 on the back) during television analysis, if the Bears win a Sept. 19 tilt against Young’s alma mater in Austin. If the Longhorns win, Nady has to wear a burnt orange Texas jersey or t-shirt while on TV with Young.

This will be the first time since 2011 that the Bears and Longhorns square off, with Texas coming out on top, 21-10, in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego in Jeff Tedford’s penultimate season at the helm. 

Before that, Mack Brown and his Longhorns took what many believed was the Bears’ spot in the 2005 Rose Bowl, so Cal fans and the Texas faithful certainly have a lot of recent history. 

Cal head coach Sonny Dykes -- a Texas native -- certainly knows about the history between the two programs. 

"Mack's a friend. We've talked about it. It's interesting because it seems like a lot of people are upset at Mack," Dykes said at Pac-12 Media Day in Burbank, Calif. "All he was trying to do is help his team and his program. But I get it. I totally get it. We played that Cal team, Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl that year. The Holiday Bowl, that was as talented a college football team as I've ever seen. When Marshawn Lynch is your third team tailback, that's a pretty good football team. And they had great players across the board. 

"But, yeah, I think it's a big game for Cal fans, I really do, because that does exist. There is that argument that Cal -- you could make that argument easily that Cal should have been in the Rose Bowl that year. I know it's been five or six years since they've been to the Rose Bowl. Yeah, I think 1959 to be exact." 

Nady in fact shot the video specifically for Brown. 

“Vince and I shot this video for Mack a few weeks ago in Mexico,” Nady said. “All three of us are friends and I played at Cal many moons ago. Just friendly silliness between friends.” 

Nady and Young were introduced several years ago, and, Nady says “we hit it off.” 

“We are very like-minded,” Nady continued, “which I suppose in some regards is an insult to him.” 

Nady’s team is looking to repeat as the 4A Texas State champions, after going 13-1 this past year, so the vacation down in Mexico was a “fun little distraction [that] allows me a brief break from the maniacal focus that the fall brings.” 

Parish Episcopal brings back several players who could have some serious interest from the Longhorns. 

“We had a very young team last year,” Nady said. “Many of our starters last season were sophomores. Xavier Suggs, our wide receiver, averaged 25 yards per catch last fall and had 1,400 yards receiving. He will be a senior. At running back, Dominic Williams had 2,300 yards rushing and will be a junior. Douglas Tucker plays offense of tackle for us and has over 10 offers currently, even though we missed most of his junior season. I anticipate him having multiple offers after our fourth game. Believe it or not we only have three seniors this year.” Top Stories