Instant Reaction: Cal Beats Washington For First Time Since 2008

SEATTLE -- A Damariay Drew interception with two minutes to go and Jared Goff's golden arm lift the Golden Bears to a 30-24 win over host Washington for the first time since 2008 ...

SEATTLE -- Cal's five turnovers forced and 5.0 sacks (2.5 by Kyle Kragen) were both the most since the Bears forced 6 turnovers and had 5.0 sacks in 43-17 win vs. UCLA on Oct. 6, 2012. "I think we did the same things we've been doing all year," said Kragen. "Good rush lanes, good techniques and things just happened to fall for us more today than previously ... It's really exciting that we really helped carry the team, rather than hindered it, and that the offense had to do everything. It feels really godo to help the offense like that."

Tailback Vic Enwere called the turnovers "amazing" and quarterback Jared Goff said that they were "huge" in turning the tide of the game, particularly the interception by Damariay Drew with two minutes left.

"It feels good to win," said head coach Sonny Dykes. "That was a tough, physical, hard-fought football game, much like we thought it would be, coming in. Washington's got a very good football team, and they play good, solid football. Any time anybody does that, they're tough to beat. I was really proud of our guys. We hung in there. We didn't play great. We dropped a lot of balls offensively, and just kind of stubbed our foot a little bit moving the football at times. I thought our defense played lights out. Those guys played really hard, that's a tough team to defend, because they show you so many different things. The shifts and motions and moving people around and I thought our team adjusted well. I was really proud of the way we played. We created five turnovers and obviously that was probably the difference in the ballgame. So, it was good to get a win against a very good football team."

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