Cal Head Coach Dykes Plans to Submit Hit on Kenny Lawler to Pac-12

Cal head coach Sonny Dykes talks about the big hit on Kenny Lawler, and giving the team the day off on Sunday.

More Notes

  • California head coach Sonny Dykes said on his Sunday conference call that the hit on Kenny Lawlerby Azeem Victor, with Lawler's helmet off, on the ground, after the play, will be turned in to the Pac-12 for review.

"It's definitely something we've seen, and we'll submit some plays to the league office, and we haven't done that this year," Dykes said. "We'll do that [Monday], and that'll be one of them."

  • Dykes said that had the Bears had injuries at running back, Daniel Lasco could have played.
  • Cal had Sunday off, and will have Monday off, as has been the case all year.

"We gave the players off today," Dykes said on Sunday. "We had guys come in and get treatment. I haven't gotten a report since [Lasco] got treatment. I got a report this morning, based on how he felt yesterday, and they said he's making substantial improvement. We expect him to practice fully on Tuesday."

Dykes said that the staff has not given the players an extra day off "as much as we should have."

"That's one of the things that we talk about," Dykes said. "From talking to a lot of people and looking at things, we've hit four weeks into our season and we've played two consecutive road games. They were both really physical, hard-fought football games that took a lot out of us, physically and emotionally. When you play that type of game, it takes a little bit of extra time to recover from it, so that was one of the things that, going into that game, I said, 'If we're fortunate enough to win, I'm going to give them Sunday off. A big part of playing well is being fresh, and I think that's part of the reason our guys are playing as fast as they are right now."

The Bears have also had more physical practices, and emphasized conditioning more.

  • DeVante Wilson (foot) will also practice in full on Tuesday, Dykes said.
  • Left tackle Brian Farley was "moving around a bit better than we anticipated" on Sunday, after getting his ankle rolled in the first quarter.
  • Safety Luke Rubenzer did not play on Saturday because the Bears "didn't play a lot of guys in the secondary," Dykes said. "We played our starters quite a bit and didn't play with too many of the backups. We didn't run that many plays. Typically, we're going to rotate guys based on how the game is going, and if they're out there too many plays. THe drives that Washington had were pretty fast drives, and our defense wasn't out there for extended periods, so that's why he didn't play. Nothing to do with his performance."
  • Cal will have defensive tackle Mustafa Jalil back this week, after he sat out on Saturday. "He hasn't been feeling great," Dykes said. "We thought, going in, kind of like Lasco, we'd see how he felt and see how he warmed up and see how he's moving, and if we could rest him, we were going to try to rest him. If it was critical for him to play, we were going to play him." Top Stories