Breaking down Cal vs. Washington State, Plus Cal Basketball Recruiting News

In this edition of the Bear Republic Podcast, we break down the Washington State game, talk the latest in hoops recruiting and look ahead to Cal's contest against Utah on College Game Day on ESPN.

Who's got bigger hair: Jon Doss or Kenny Lawler? We answer that, and talk about the official visit of Vance Jackson, the offer to Jadé Smith, and of course, break down the good (the defense), the bad (that slow start by the Cal offense) and the ugly (oy, the running game) from the Bears' 34-28 win over Washington State on Saturday, and take a look forward to the national game against No. 5 Utah in Salt Lake City.

Potent Quotables

"When everybody thinks of the Bear Raid offense, they think it's all passy -- pass and flashy -- but their safeties play really deep, so if we get those safeties to insert to run fits, that'll open up the room for the passing game." -- Bryce Treggs

"They have a different approach, offensively, than some of the teams we've faced. they stay ahead of the chains, do a good job on first and second down, haven't had to throw the ball a lot down field on third down. They've executed well and protected well. First down's going to be big in this ballgame. We've got to create turnovers. That's something we've done all year." --Sonny Dykes

"There are definitely some people who are more interested now that we're winning. You'll have people say, 'Good job, good play this weekend.' We were irrelevant, so it's good to see the student body get involved." -- Treggs

"You get a sense that you feel a little something different. You don't know what it is, but when you get coffee in the morning, maybe those people are nicer to you. I don't have to worry about somebody poisoning my coffee, like I used to." -- Dykes

"I've never coached in Salt Lake. I've heard it's a loud atmosphere. But, I told them before Texas, I've never seen a crowd score a touchdown, I've never seen a crowd make a tackle. I almost saw a band make a tackle a couple years ago, here." -- Dykes

 "Guys are really excited. The atmosphere, the buzz around this program right now is really exciting. We haven't been ranked in a while, we haven't been 5-0 in a while, here, so the buzz around campus with different sports, and this team, it's very confident, and we're very excited to go out there to see what we can do. There's no secret to success. It's just hard work. Coach Dykes does a great job of preaching: Nothing's going to change. So what -- this game is on ESPN, Game Day is there -- it doesn't matter." -- Stefan McClure

"He's a great leader. He works hard in the offseason. He holds himself to a high standard. He respects us, and we respect him. We look at him standing in the pocket, taking shots, and makes great throws. We give him a hard time about his record -- he pitched the ball to Lasco and he did all the work -- but we joke: 'They're going to start inventing records for you, Jared. First guy to throw a TD with his chinstrap unbuckled.'" -- McClure on Jared Goff

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