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Cal source says that Dykes "wanting out" is false

EUGENE, Ore. -- A Cal source gives some clarity to the rumors surrounding Sonny Dykes's contract negotiations and his unhappiness.

EUGENE, Ore. -- Contrary to reports by both ESPN and USA Today's Dan Wolken, the relationship between California head coach Sonny Dykes and California athletic director Mike Williams is "as strong as ever," according to Associate Athletic Director, Wes Mallette.

Mallette told BearTerritory on Saturday night that Dykes and the Athletic Department are in "lockstep" with one another when it comes to the direction of the program.

According to Mallette, Dykes and Williams have been great partners, with respect to the turnaround of the football program, since Dykes took over in December of 2012.

"At the University of California, Berkeley, it's more than just performance on the field," Mallette said. "Performance in the classroom matters just as much. The turnaround that we have seen with our football program since Sonny took over has been tremendous, and he has done everything that's been asked of him. The relationship between our football program and our athletics department is as strong as it has ever been. This is Cal. To find a head coach that understands the delicate balance of managing both the academic and athetic performance side is not an easy task. Sonny has managed to do that, and is doing it well."

A source close to the situation indicated that the recent leaks to ESPN and USA Today where Dykes is characterized as "frustrated" and "wanting out" are "completely false."

Dykes's contract is up after 2016, and as far as a contract extension goes, Williams has said that the two parties "are always talking," and BearTerritory's source confirmed that the negotiations are currently "ongoing." Top Stories