Cal junior quarterback Jared Goff talks red zone trouble and loss to Stanford

STANFORD, Calif. -- Cal quarterback Jared Goff went 37-of-54 for 386 yards and two touchdowns in the 118th Big Game, but it wasn't enough to defeat Stanford and Christian McCaffrey.

Five possessions in the red zone, how difficult was that to not score?

"Missed opportunity, I think. We normally score in the red zone. Today we didn't. We ended up with a field goal which is still a score but normally we like to punch it in there. For some reason we didn't tonight and they played very well defensively and couldn't punch it in there for whatever reason. But, yeah, it's three scores there could have changed it."

What happened on the ball that was stripped out of Maurice Harris's hands?

"I obviously didn't see it. I saw his hands up high and kind of turned around and so didn't see the end of it, so I don't know."

What happened on the wheel route to Vic Enwere in the first quarter?

"I don't know. Missed him by about a yard. Missed everything by a yard." much did it hurt not to have Kenny Lawler and not to have two of your running backs (Khalfani Muhammad and Daniel Lasco)? Did it change things at all?

"Kenny is a great player and Lasco is a good player, we would love having them. But today I felt the guys played great. I didn't -- not to say that he's not great, I didn't notice he wasn't out there. Maurice played great. Everybody played great. Obviously it was a great performance by all of them. There was not really a drop off. They played really well. The whole offense, we for the most part of the game we played pretty well and shot ourselves in the foot with a lot of penalties, can't do that. If you want to win. We had eight penalties for 63 yards. That's not going to do too many favors for you. Gave up a couple 15 yarders, too. So it's stuff like that that keeps you from winning."

The question of field goals is sort of obvious, but the third time you're trailing, did you want to go for a TD there or I mean you have no call, but what was your thinking there going for the third field goal?

"I don't have much say on that. I think we made them all, so it's a good decision there. I think it would have made the decision a lot easier if we scored the play before and didn't have to worry about it. But for whatever reason, couldn't punch it in. On the first one, rolled out and threw a very poor ball to Kenny on that quick out he had. Same thing to Tre. Kind of just led him too far up the field. And it's on me. I need to be better than that in the red zone. If we finish those drives in the red zone, obviously it's a different ball game."

Does this feel like night and day from you guys against these guys the previous two years?

"Like to get the win. It's the same result the last two years, but I think we definitely, like I said, we played better. We definitely played better on all facets of the game. I thought the defense played pretty well and the offense, we made a bunch of yards, we have just couldn't finish drives, like we have been saying. I think, like I said a couple times now, if we finish those drives, it's a different game. But that's credit to them, they're a great team, they're a Top-10 team. They're that for a reason. It's something that we strive to be and keep continuing to work and we can get to that point." Top Stories