DeVante Wilson's former teammate has become an option for Cal on the offensive line

Dwayne Wallace had a bit of a helping hand in getting his offer to Cal, and now, he's on his official visit ...

With California head coach Sonny Dykes back in Berkeley, one of the Bears' newest offerees -- as well as other official visitors -- have descended upon Berkeley.

Dwayne Wallace scored his offer from Cal on Tuesday, but the Bears have known him for months, thanks in part to his former teammate at Riverside City College -- defensive end DeVante Wilson.

"It was the DeVante Wilson connection," Wallace said earlier this week.

The Bears came down to watch Wallace, and to offer him in person.

"They just wanted to see me in person," said Wallace, who has made his way to Berkeley in the wake of JuCo center commit A.J. McCollum visiting Arizona State. "They always knew about me, and they basically said, if they needed more O-linemen from JuCo, I was at the top of their list. They got in contact with me, when I had just got off my Arkansas visit, and [Brandon Jones] hit me and said, 'Would you be interested in Cal?' and I said, 'Yeah,' so they came out to offer me in person and see me in person. That's all it took."

Wallace said that Jones is "a pretty good coach," and that he's "trying to help turn that program around with some new talent. I feel like he's doing a good job."

The Bears didn't see Wallace while scouting Wilson, but Wilson recommended the 6-foot-5, 330-pound interior lineman when he got to Berkeley, and, as Wallace says, it pays to have friends in high places.

"It's a good situation there, and hopefully, when I take my visit, I'll like it," Wallace said on Tuesday.

Wallace admitted that he didn't take school very seriously at Riverside (Calif.) Martin Luther King, but realized he had to buckle down once he didn't qualify for Division I.

"That's why I'm at a JuCo," Wallace says. "I have a 3.4 now. It's been a lot of hard work, man."

His GPA in high school?

"It was bad, man, it was bad, a 2.4 or 2.3," Wallace admits. "I didn't take school seriously enough. That's the only reason why I didn't go Division I. I had to go to a JuCo, and I realized that school is really important, and I had to take it a little bit more seriously. Now, I'm in a situation where I could go to any school I want. It's a good feeling. I've just got to finish up strong and get through the finish line. I've got to do my end, and pick a school where I'm going to spend my next two, three years."

Now, he'll be a mid-year enrollee, if he chooses the Bears, and no matter where he goes, he'll have three years to play two.

"If I go to an SEC school, I'd go in the spring," he said.

Size-wise, Wallace could play just about anywhere along the offensive line.

"They like me as a guard and a tackle, and I played tackle and guard here at RCC, so I think that's why my recruitment has gone up, because I play both," Wallace says. "I'm pretty good at both."

Wallace has offers from the Razorbacks, Cal, Arizona State, Kansas State, Louisville and Washington State, among others, but the Bears' offense certainly fits him.

"We're more of a pro and spread offense, and we get in and out of [the spread]," Wallace said. "We go spead when we go into passing situations. I have enough film in pro and in spread."

No matter which set they line up in, though, Wallace said that Riverside linemen work out of the two-point stance, which is how the Bears operate. Top Stories