What did defensive end commit Chinedu Udeogu think of his Cal official visit, in light of advances from Wake Forest and Iowa State?

After entertaining courtships from Iowa State -- where his older brother plays -- and Wake Forest, Chinedu Udeogu gave his last official visit to Cal, and came away feeling like it was just what he needed ...

Chinedu Udeogu has been fairly unlucky when it comes to air travel over the past two weeks. The heavy snow in Maryland prevented him from flying out for the official visit he was scheduled to take to California last week, and as he was on his return to the East Coast following his re-scheduled official this Sunday, he had to take an unexpected one-hour layover in Kansas.

But, despite his travel difficulties, Udoegu came away from his visit this weekend knowing, for sure, that his will be the first National Letter of Intent through the fax machine this Wednesday. The visit to Berkeley, he said, was everything he needed it to be, and more.

"It was, it was," Udeogu said. "I had a very good time. The coaches, players, it was everything that I'd hoped it would be. I'm still 100 percent committed. I really had a good time, and it seems like the best fit for me, honestly."

What, though, prompted Udeogu to start entertaining courtships from Iowa State -- where his older brother plays -- and Wake Forest?

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1635921-2016-cal-recruitin... "I really didn't want to have my mind 100-percent on Cal, this entire time; I wanted to have a few questions, I wanted to explore my other options," Udoegu said. "I wanted to see if Cal was really the perfect place for me, and I wanted to have something to compare it to. I used those two schools to compare Cal to, and if I thought those two schools were schools I could see myself at, then I would have gone to them, but, honestly, Cal is honestly the best fit for me. I just used those schools as comparisons, to see if Cal was really the place for me, or if one of those two schools would be a better fit for me. I ultimately came down to the decision that Cal is where I want to be."

He's "very excited" to get all this recruiting over with and in his rearview mirror, and, given that he's on the East Coast, he's hoping to be the first one across the finish line with his National Letter of Intent."

"It's been a very long process; I really enjoyed it, but I'm ready for it to be over," Udeogu said. "I think I'm going to be the first letter in."

So, he told his brother, and his Nigerian-born parents that he'd be attending UC Berkeley. All of them were in his corner. 

"He's known, and I told him a week ago," Udoegu said of his brother. "He's known. He knows. I told him I'm going to take a visit, and if it was everything that I'd hope, and it was a great fit, I'd re-commit, and he's 100-percent happy for me. He's not bitter. He's not telling me where he wants me to go. He told me to do what I should do, what's best for me, and what I wanted to do. He's very happy for me."

As for his parents?

"They're happy," Udeogu said. "They never really told me, 'Go here' or 'Go there,' but this is the place I felt like they wanted me to go to, as well, so that kind of worked out."

Though Udeogu didn't get to come with the 18 other visitors that came a week before, the visit was still enjoyable.

First, he said, "the weather was much nicer than Maryland." Check.

Then, it was the first night out in San Francisco. The visitors took a ferry into the city for dinner, and then returned to Berkeley to hang with their official visit hosts. The next night, the visitors -- which included quarterback Victor Viramontes -- dined at Sonny Dykes's house, where his wife Kate made tacos, and then went out for more Berkeley night life with the hosts.

"What was exciting about this visit was that I got to spend a lot of personal time with all the coaches, with coach Dykes, with coach [Fred] Tate, coach [Austin] Clark, and I got to spend one-on-one time with them," Udeogu said. "I spent a lot of time with the players. I really wanted to come up last week and meet the commits and stuff, but I think this week was special, because I acutally got to spend some quality time with the people that I'm going to be spending most of the next four or five years with."

One of those players was Udeogu's host -- freshman defensive end Russell Ude, who himself came from the East Coast to play for the Bears.

"He was a good host," Udeogu said. "He was really honest with me about things, when I asked him questions. I had a good time with him. He was a great guy. He was a good host for me."

Cal wants Udeogu -- who sports a cumulative GPA of 3.3 -- to come in "strong, fast, explosive and ready to play," he said, and ready to compete for a job.

http://www.scout.com/college/california/story/1636448-bear-republic-duck... Defensive tackles Mustafa Jalil and David Davis are gone, as are ends Kyle KragenTodd BarrPuka Lopa and Jonathan Johnson, and after that, the Bears are going to be saying goodbye to DeVante Wilson following next season, so the defensive line is going to have to be rebuilt. Cal did part of that building last cycle, bringing in Ude, Trevor HowardCameron Saffle and Luc Bequette. Udeogu is joined in this class by Evan Weaver, who re-committed following his offiical visit, as well as Tevin PaulChris Yaghi, and Russell Becker.

"Come ready to play," Udeogu said of the message from Tate. "Come ready to play and just be ready, really. They said that they want us to come in, expecting to play -- not necessarily that we will, and they're not promising anything, but they said we should come ready to play, and see what happens from there."

Udeogu said that he will be back around to visit in the spring.

As for the dual-threat Norco (Calif.) quarterback Viramontes, rumors are swirling. Udeogu offered his take.

"We did really talk a lot, actually," Udeogu said. "Prior to this, I didn't know who he was, but we spent a lot of time together, and he seemed like a great guy. We'll see."

There were certainly a few buy-in questions.

"I talked to his parents a lot, and talked to him, and they asked me a lot of questions," Udeogu said. "When we were going down the elevator and stuff, they would ask me why I committed, other things. I don't want to put his business out there, but I think he's definitely considering [committing]."

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