Sping (Tex.) Klein Collins linebacker Cameron Goode signs with Cal on National Signing Day

At 7:23 AM Central time, Cal welcomed outside linebacker Cameron Goode into the 2016 Signing Class.

Cameron Goode re-affirmed his commitment to Cal after his official visit, and he may be one of the most important players in this class, given that the Bears are losing Michael Barton as a graduate transfer, as well as senior linebackers Jalen Jefferson and Nathan Broussard

Goode has a big frame, but is very athletic, almost like an oversized safety. He has the ability to play in space, and run with wide receivers, but he's strong enough to rush against offensive tackles, and that's what the Bears are so intrigued by, especially because Cal has been playing two-linebacker schemes quite often over the past year, and intend to continue that trend, meaning that having a versatile pass rusher and a linebacker who can cover all in the same body is a huge bonus.

"Cameron Goode's a player out of the Houston area, an area that we really want to get into recruiting heavy, because, obviously, there's good football there," linebackers coach Garret Chachere said. "His dad was an NFL player, so it's important to him and it's been important to him, and obviously he's from an area where it's important. He's a kid who has length, who has speed, has tremendous upside, he's a kid who will really flourish here at Cal. I think he'll fit in both academically and on the football field. We were in a recruiting battle to get him, with some other schools that really were looking for the same intangibles and the same things in a young man that we were looking for, and we were really fortunate to get him."


Goode has a 6-foot-3, 205-pound frame that can get up to 230, 240 pounds, his coach, Drew Svoboda said, and he'll be able to keep his speed, which means he's going to be veyr hard to stop in two or three years, especially with a 6-foot-7 wingspan enabling him to get into passing lanes.

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