Cal head coach Cuonzo Martin breaks down Cal's win over No. 11 Oregon

BERKELEY -- Cuonzo Martin breaks down the battle against Oregon in his post game press conference.

 California Head Coach Cuonzo Martin

Opening Statement
“Good win, great environment. Great to have Tyrone [Wallace] back. I thought the guys fed off of that. Our guys had a good week and the guys that come off the bench and don’t play a lot played a big part in this win. In their prep work of duplicating and trying to simulate Oregon’s 1-2-2 or 1-2-1-1 back-to-the-zone matchup, I thought they did a really good job in practice, getting our guys prepared to play against this. It showed tonight in our preparation for the game. With Tyrone back, we had fun, we played hard, we played together. Twenty assists to 11 turnovers, it was a good game. It was great to see Jabari [Bird] shoot the ball well. When he’s shooting the ball in that ballpark, we’re a tough, tough team to deal with.” Cal’s Defensive Performance
“The thing we talk about and spend a lot of time doing is getting better defensively. I always say it’s never too late. We talk about hands high when someone catches the ball, a wide stance without fouling and ultimately, having pride. It’s ‘High, wide, and you’ve got to have pride’ in defending a guy one-on-one. It’s real simple, you can’t allow guys to help [all the time] and everybody’s helping, helping, helping. At some point, it’s got to be man-on-man and you have to do your job. [Oregon’s] one of the best teams if not the best I’ve seen as far as the dribble weave and attacking the rim. The thing about it is, when they attack, especially with [Elgin] Cook and Dillon [Brooks], you’re talking about guys that are 6-5, 6-6, 6-7, 230 pounds and they’re coming downhill. That’s a hard thing to deal with for 40 minutes in a game [as well as] Tyler Dorsey who can make shots. Our guys took pride in that and accepted the challenge. It’s a lot easier when they play well. “

On Informing the Team of Tyrone Wallace’s Clearance via a Group Text
“Tyrone just got cleared today so I said [to the team], ‘Tyrone’s cleared for takeoff’ and the guys were happy about that. He’s a senior, he’s a leader of our team and guys were excited about that because they want to see him on the floor. We’re not the team we need to be without Tyrone. For about 20-plus minutes, I thought he did a good job. He was winded out there, but I wanted to keep him out there as much as possible. When we could, I took him out of there. I took him out the last three minutes because I thought he was exhausted, but he did a good job. For a guy that wasn’t practicing while he was out – he hadn’t practiced – that wasn’t easy against a caliber of team like that … he hadn’t practiced since he was injured – that was the last time he practiced.”

On Jabari Bird’s Hot Start and Overall Play
“It was a good start for the team. With the way he and Jordan (Mathews) shoot the ball, you have to identify them and so everyone else can do their job. When Sam [Singer] drives the ball – those 11 assists, Sam did a great job making decisions and making the passes because those guys (Bird and Jordan Mathews) did their job. With those guys making shots, it’s hard to say, ‘I can help off this guy, I can rotate here.’ You can’t do it … and with Ivan [Rabb] down low, that’s a tough matchup in itself and Jordan making plays and making shots, it’s tough.”

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