Cal junior Jabari Bird and freshman Jaylen Brown break down win over Oregon State

BERKELEY -- Cal junior Jabari Bird drops 23 on Oregon State, while freshman Jaylen Brown added 15 for the Bears in an 83-71 win. How good can the Bears be? Brown says that the sky is the limit.

California Junior Jabari Bird

On his performance tonight
“I’ve been making some shots and my teammates have been giving me the ball. I was trying to go out there and play hard, play aggressive, basically trying to do everything I’ve been trying to do for the whole year, and it’s just working now. I’ve been putting in a lot of work on my game outside of practice and it’s finally starting to show.” the team’s performance
“We’re trying to make the tournament, so I knew I had to step my game up to be a better teammate. I’m just trying to be focused every game and be aggressive. I’m looking at plays, and hopefully I can keep this flow going.”

On the home-court advantage
“We have a great crowd. They come out and support us. They get really loud, and just having that support behind you every night, it’s big and we feed off of it.”

Jaylen Brown

On Bird's performance
“I think we’ve been a little more assertive. We’re definitely trying to make the tournament and finish first in the Pac-12. The time is now. We’re trying to be intense in practice. We’re just trying to be focused, trying to be leaders. Jabari is playing so well. He’s a leader in practice. He’s the first person to finish a sprint, so I can see why it’s unfolding for him now because he puts the work in. He puts the effort in and he’s vocal. He’s being a leader. He’s doing what he’s been doing for a long time. Now it’s just walking into the shoes.”

On Haas Pavilion
“It’s Berkeley, it’s something about Berkeley. The fans, we feed off of the energy. They come out and show love every time we have a home game. They’re excited and ready to see some good basketball, and we just try to give them a good game. We have the best fans in America.” Top Stories